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Oversight board members
walterbender, kaametza, sverma, ignacio, samsong, canoeberry
Community members
GrannieB, icarito, Ibiam


  • Election update
  • GSoC/Outreachy summary
  • Finance update
  • Google for Non-profits
  • Use Loomio as meeting tool

Election update

from kaametza:

Election's Calendar

Stage I - August 15: Announcement for election's date and 1st call for candidates
Stage II - August 30: Reminder of election's date and 2nd call for candidates
Stage III - September 15: Deadline for candidates submission
Stage IV - October 1-15: Election's Period


Walter reported on the status and the mentor summit in October


  • CanoeBerry reported our current balance of $73,583.40
  • CanoeBerry will investigate status of GCI gift
  • CanoeBerry will prepare a spreadsheet of the past 12 months of transactions
  • Kaametza will follow up on status of Guarani translations

Google for Non-profits

Samson suggested we investigate funding opportunities from Google.


Walter reported that we have set up a discussion on Loomio.