Plan/Discovery One/BootCamp

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Stage 0 Systems

Deploying and maintaining a scalable and reliable web service.

1. Learning objectives

  • What is ASLO?
  • What is a system?
  • What is scalablity?
  • What is reliablity?

2. What is a System?

3. Why build a System?

4. Why are systems hard?

5. Critial thinking

  • What is the problem being solved?
  • What approach is being used?
  • What benchmarks are being performed?
  • What conclusions can be drawn?
  • What are the next steps?

6. Parts of a web service.

  • Model - database.
  • View - html pages delivered to users
  • Controller - web site code.

7. overview

8. What is the problem.

  • Distribute activities
  • Community of Users
  • Community of developer

9. What is the approach.

  • Links on a wiki
  • Roll your own
  • Build on existing open source project

Stage 1 basic technologies

scripting language - php. database - mysql.

hands on- splitting scripting code and db on separate machines

Stage 2 caching technologies

more memory memcached squid

hands on - adding caches

Stage 3 Load balancing technologies

multiple databases multiple web servers

hands on - setting up slave server and multiple web nodes

Stage 4 Reliability technologies

redundency failover

hands on - setting up proxy, web node, and datebase failover.

Stage 5 Interesting scalability and reliability technologies