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Sugar has a strong community that is ready to help you. Because users and contributors span the globe, a key element to the project is communication. Mailing lists, forums, IRC chat, Jabber, and provide quick and easy ways to communicate.

Mailing Lists

Please be aware the following lists are subject to change.

Education Mailing Lists
Contributor Mailing Lists


There are a number of active OLPC forums, including

Support Forum
  • Support - The official support forum for G1G1 and OLPC
total posts 6.887 • Total topics 1.324 • Total members 1.609 22:56, 20 April 2008 (EDT)
General Discussion
  • olpcnews - A popular forum but not frequented by developers
total posts 20.765 • Total topics 2.332 • Total members 2.754 22:56, 20 April 2008 (EDT)


OLPC planet and Planet Sugar Labs - Aggregate a number of popular blogs on Sugar and OLPC. See blogs for a list of these blogs and instructions on adding more blogs to this feed.

IRC Chat

Install the XoIRC activity and connect with other Sugar/OLPC users and enthusiasts on the internet and chat with them in real time. XoIRC uses a system called IRC.

It defaults to a "room" called #olpc-help, but you can also enter other rooms by typing /join #room where room is the name of the room you wish to join.

Some other Sugar/OLPC IRC chatrooms are listed are listed here.]

Jabber Networks

While the OLPC is designed with mesh wireless networking built in (where users can connect to each other without having a central wireless internet router/connection), Sugar users around the world may not be able to connect with others using the platform unless it's through the Internet, since mesh networking relies on a concentration of users (for example, in a classroom, school or business environment).

Jabber networks link Sugar users to each other in order to chat, interact and collaborate. There are global Sugar Jabber networks, or regional ones hosted by organizations and individuals around the world. You can choose whichever Jabber network you wish to connect to. Connecting Sugar to one of these networks will greatly enhance your Sugar experience.


OLPC TV is dedicated to collecting videos related to OLPC. The site needs help recoding videos to play in Gnash, the Free Flash viewer.