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Certainly areas of potential improvement is in regard to defining appropriate tags for Milestones and Components, and coming up with a list of keywords that we can agree to the meaning of.



Would it make sense to have a Sugar milestone (e.g., Sugar 0.82) that is distinct from the OLPC milestones? Or would it make more sense to have a Sugar version that maps to an OLPC milestone?

The way this is normally handled by linux projects is to have two separate tracking system, one for the distribution ( and one for the project itself ( Distribution maintainers usually encourage to file bug upstream unless they are distribution specific, and they tend to move them upstream when they are misfiled. This is not very satisfactory because it involves a lot of manual work. In our case it might get a lot worst because we are hopefully going to have *lots* of users not trained to the open source development processes, which will not be able to make a distinction between distribution and upstream project. I'm not sure what's the best solution here. I think clarifying which kind of support and to whom sugarlabs is going to provide will help evaluating our options here. I'm planning to start a thread about, but I'll give you some time to deal with more urgent issues before :) -- Marcopg


Would it make sense to consistently add keywords that map to the Sugar modules or should these be components?

  • sugar
  • sugar-base
  • sugar-datastore
  • sugar-presence-service
  • sugar-toolkit
  • sugar-artwork
  • sugar-activity
    • journal-activity
    • chat-activity
    • et alia

The main advantage of using components is that they get assigned automatically to the default component owner -- Marcopg


The assignment of priorities is the difficult one. We need to come up with definitions and a process. A first pass:

Blocker: catastrophic failure—Sugar will not run or user experience severely impaired (new features would rarely, if ever, fall into this category)
High: important to Sugar user experience—either in terms of performance or usability (these would typically be coupled with the "task" ticket type)
Med: enhancements to non-core features (or enhancements that impact individual activities)
Low: odds and ends


Would it be possible to assign teams to each ticket, where we identify up front someone who agrees to verify a ticket, and someone who agrees to test a fix? Maybe we can accumulate a list of volunteers who'd be willing to be assigned in a work-wheel-like system? presents an interesting model.