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Please add new questions here. (Feel free to answer questions as well and to move answered questions to the Sugar Labs/FAQ page.)

New questions

When adding a new question, please use the wiki header format as per

=== What is your question? ===

Multiple Machines on Network not distinct

I installed Sugar Bluberry on two similar (both EeePC's slightly different models) netbooks from same SoaS. Gave each unique Names and even changed their hostnames in /etc/sysconfig/network. They are both connected to same AP and set to use same Jabber server. However, the two laptops cannot find eachother in Neighborhood. In fact, they can never see the entire Neighborhood at the same time. While one sees it, the other goes blank and vice versa. How do I configure these two netbooks so that they can find and share activities with eachother?

Changing the Resolution

_I believe this question is distinct from the one below_ Installed Sugar Bluberry on two nearly identical netbooks. One detected proper resolution of 1024x600 while other detected 1024x768 resulting in a squished UI. I tried creating my own xorg.conf (this build includes an X that automates settings detection i take it). However, I just keep bricking the netbook and reinstalling Sugar... Should I just keep trying new xorg.conf's?

Resizing Sugar

I have changed fullscreen mode of Xephyr into 800×600, but now how do I change the size of frames and icons?

You can edit sugar.gtkrc and sugar/graphics/ to adjust the sizing parameters.
Note that not all Sugar Activities know about resizing, esp. pygame-based Activities. We are working to improve this. --Walter 14:15, 5 December 2008 (UTC)