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Google translations: Bahasa Indonesia български català čeština 中文(中国大陆)‎ 中文(台灣)‎ dansk Deutsch eesti Ελληνικά español français galego हिन्दी hrvatski italiano 日本語 한국어 latviešu lietuvių magyar Malti Nederlands norsk bokmål polski português română русский shqip slovenčina slovenščina српски / srpski svenska suomi ไทย Tagalog Tiếng Việt Türkçe українська العربية עברית فارسی

Created from Google Translations without the translation needed

For on the fly translations

start-lang - en

This template adds a series of automatic (machine) translation links to the including page. They use Google as the engine, and takes a page in start-lang and can translate it into one of the following:

  • es - Spanish (español)
  • sq - Albanian (shqip)
  • ar - Arabic (العربية)
  • bg - Bulgarian (български)
  • ca - Catalan (català)
  • zh-CN - Chinese (Simplified) (中文(中国大陆)‎)
  • zh-TW - Chinese (Traditional) (中文(台灣)‎)
  • hr - Croatian (hrvatski)
  • cs - Czech (čeština)
  • da - Danish (dansk)
  • nl - Dutch (Nederlands)
  • et - Estonian (eesti)
  • tl - Filipino (Tagalog)
  • fi - Finnish (suomi)
  • fr - French (français)
  • gl - Galician (galego)
  • de - German (Deutsch)
  • el - Greek (Ελληνικά)
  • iw/he - Hebrew (עברית) iw for Google Translate, he for MediaWiki (ISO-639)
  • hi - Hindi (हिन्दी)
  • hu - Hungarian (magyar)
  • id - Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia)
  • it - Italian (italiano)
  • ja - Japanese (日本語)
  • ko - Korean (한국어)
  • lv - Latvian (latviešu)
  • lt - Lithuanian (lietuvių)
  • mt - Maltese (Malti)
  • no - Norwegian (norsk bokmål)
  • fa - Persian (فارسی)
  • pl - Polish(polski)
  • pt - Portuguese (português)
  • ro - Romanian (română)
  • ru - Russian (русский)
  • sr - Serbian (српски / srpski)
  • sk - Slovak (slovenčina)
  • sl - Slovenian (slovenščina)
  • sv - Swedish (svenska)
  • th - Thai (ไทย)
  • tr - Turkish (Türkçe)
  • uk - Ukrainian (українська)
  • vi - Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)

Albanian Arabic Bulgarian Catalan Chinese Croatian Czech Danish Dutch English Estonian Filipino Finnish French Galician German Greek Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Latvian Lithuanian Maltese Norwegian Persian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian Slovak Slovenian Spanish Swedish Thai Turkish Ukrainian Vietnamese


  • The link structure contains a langpair=aa|aa (e.g., &langpair=en%7Ces) parameter and a header language parameter hl=aa (e.g., &hl=es), which controls the language for the Google Translate header labels and text.
  • See Template:GoogleTrans-en2 for a version that allows optional exclusion of languages. For simplification the default is to show all available. Human translators may lag primary editors.

Known Issues

  • Translated language names with spaces permit mid-name line returns that may be confusing.
  • It appears that the Firefox 3-beta browser has issues with handling this if you mix right-to-left and left-to-right languages in the same line. The symptom is jumpy switching from R-L to L-R orientations and results in poor usability. The quick workaround is to leave out Arabic for the moment and report the issue to Mozilla. Hopefully a fix of the behavior on mouseover of the span-class statement will be baked into FF3 before release and Arabic can be re-inserted.
trying L-R languages at end of table row
  • iw - Hebrew - עברית - is used by Google Translate, MediaWiki ISO-639 gives he for Hebrew (עברית); #language:iw is not working.


  1. all languages included:
    {{ GoogleTrans-en2}}