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This page is a translation of {{{original}}}.
Also available in |

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{{Translation | original=One Laptop per Child 
              | es=Un portátil por niño
              | pt=Um Laptop para cada Criança
              | zh=One Laptop per Child zh }}


  {{:Template:Translation/translation of/lang-{{{lang}}}}} [[{{{source}}}|{{{source}}}]] [{{fullurl:{{{source}}}|oldid={{{version}}}&redirect=no}} {{:Template:Translation/original/lang-{{{lang}}}}}]  
  {{:{{{source}}}/translations|translated={{{lang}}}}}   [{{fullurl:{{{source}}}/translations|action=edit}} +/-] [{{fullurl:{{{source}}}|diff=current&oldid={{{version}}}}} {{:Template:Translation/changes/lang-{{{lang}}}}}]  
[[Category:Translations lang-{{{lang}}}]]

References: Magic Words & Parser Functions