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About me

See my wikipedia page, and my OLPC wikipage.

I'm a student and developer based out of Washington, DC. I've been working with Sugar for 2 years, and Linux in general for 6+ years. Prior to joining Sugar Labs, I worked with OLPC in the Support Gang to handle "donor relations", essentially replying to support tickets as well as gathering user feedback about the OLPC and Sugar experience.

Things I do at Sugar Labs

I help maintain a number of Sugar Labs web services along with Bernie Innocenti such as Gitorious, Infrastructure Team/Resources#Sunjammer, and Google Apps. I am also an administrator and bureaucrat at the Sugar Labs Wiki. I have founder access to the #sugar and #sugar-meeting channels, so if you need assistance with any of those services feel free to ask me.

I try to help out where I can with software development and design. I'm currently working on improving the user experience for the installation and deployment of Sugar on a Stick for both educators and students.


The fastest way to reach me is via IRC or XMPP. If your query is not urgent, email is preferred. Please see my contact page for more information, including addresses.

If you have a question about something on-wiki, feel free to leave me a note on my talk page.