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* An anonymous donor pledges $100
* An anonymous donor pledges $300
=== Requests ===
=== Requests ===

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The second XOCamp is being held January 14-16 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Much of the original planning for XOCamp 2, including the fundraising and -spending, was actually carried out at SugarCamp. This is documented at olpc:XOCamp 2/Old fundraising.

For XOCamp 2, it would be good to be able to repeat this fundraising for travel scholarships. There has been a proposal to divide half of all money raised equally, and half proportionally to remaining travel costs, among all attendants who claim a need and are coming from over 500 miles away. Thus if $600 were raised and divided among two people who spent $400 and $800 on tickets, they would get $350 and $550 respectively.

All donations are tax deductible and should be sent to Sugar Labs. Please note your donation or pledge for travel here so that it can be used for this purpose instead of the general fund.


Please include contact information. Or, for anonymous donations, contact me: I'm Jameson Quinn, my email is firstname.lastname@gmail.com. (Don't just send a check or we won't know what it's for.)


  • Charles Babbage pledges 5 pounds { babbage at differenceengine dot london }


  • An anonymous donor pledges $300


  • Jameson Quinn, from Guatemala, to give a talk on Develop activity. Approximately $650 including bus and airfare.
  • Andres Ambrois, from Uruguay, to ???. Approximately $1300 including bus and airfare.
  • JonasSmedegaard, from Denmark, to help discuss .deb-based packaging. Approximately $670 including bus and airfare.
  • John Dada, from Nigeria, approximate cost $1500
  • Andrius Kulikauskus, from Bosnia, to discuss textbooks. He needs a ticket one way. About $350.