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XSCE 6.0 Release Candidate 1 for CentOS “7.1”

updated Dec 11, 2015

  • Important addendum:

Download 1.8GB XSCE 6.0 Release Candidate 1 for CentOS “7.1” (November 2015)

  • Download centos7_xsce.6.rc1.img
use dd or gnome disks restore to write onto a USB memory stick, verifying its MD5 checksum equals

Follow instructions here: (Option 1.5)


Also See

  • Google Docs with relevant info


  • Connect a USB­to­Ethernet dongle (adapter) from the NUC to a live Ethernet cable (with

live Internet) so that during installation, software can download and update itself. ​

  • Ideally, this live Ethernet wire leads from the dongle to a LAN port in the Netgear 3G

Modem/Router, whose WAN port (during this installation only!) leads to the Internet. Later you’ll verify “ping” and “ping mit.edu” works thru this wire, as will be discussed below.

  • Connect an Ethernet cable and a powered TP­LINK AP ​
(LAN port, and tape over WAN port to make sure it’s never used)​

to the NUC’s Ethernet port (its green link lights should light).

Install onto Intel NUC

  • Write to a USB stick with dd or gnome-disks restore
  • Windows users can use ​


Boot NUC with USB stick inserted, using F10 is necessary

  • Type “erase” when requested
  • Watch for “done!” or #prompt; ignore “I/O error”.
  • Run “reboot”
Optionally Disable all USB booting in BIOS: F2 on Boot ­> Boot Configuration ­>

Boot Devices ­> USB

Likewise this should already be disabled: Boot ­> Boot Configuration ­> UEFI Boot ­> Boot USB Devices First

Login to your new server as: root / centos, then change both passwords:

passwd                      (changes root password) 
passwd xsce-­admin           (has sudo powers, careful!) 
  • Verify that you have internet connection with “ping yahoo.com”
Ensure both your networking connections are live and connected in their final position.

Get the most recent version of the XSCE playbook

cd /opt/schoolserver/xsce
git pull origin master

Install the software that lets you access XSCE from a client browser

./install­-console      (fixes LAN; no need to “./runtags network”) 
  • Reboot
  • Test client machines can reach ​

or ​
  • Finally, if you have no downstream WiFi AP, try:

from any browser, on the server itself if available! And also try:


with username “xsce-­admin” and the password you set above.

  • Alternate:

Log into the Admin Console (click on “Admin Console” link, user: xsce-­admin and the password you set above)

  • Select the services you want to install within "Configure­­ services".
Save configuration (green button)
Install Configured options (red button)
The TeamViewer service will automatically install a graphical environment.


Iiab on XO-1.5.JPG

Rachel on XO-1.5.JPG

Admin services on centos7.1.JPG

Launch TeamViewer from top­left "Applications Menu" > Internet > TeamViewer 10

Caution for learning only -- traditionally X Windows (graphical environment such as xfce, likewise TeamViewer running within it) should not be intalled on servers, in general.

  • Configure “Setup unattended access...” under TeamViewer’s Connection menu If You Dare.
  • Separately, OpenVPN can also allow remote diagnosis and support (over lower-bandidth connections, without the live visual mentoring/screensharing aspects of TeamViewer of course!)

Install your favorite text editor

For example, run:

yum install emacs

Install Xfce

If you must have a graphical environment on your server, run:
yum groupinstall xfce

Install browser, at your own risk

yum install firefox

Start the Xfce desktop


To make Xfce start at default boot

cd /etc/systemd/system 
ln -­sf /lib/systemd/system/graphical.target default.target 
If above line fails, run
unlink default.target 
then retry above "ln" command.
  • Reboot to test graphical login, presumably with username: xsce-­admin

Browsing rachel on centos 7.1 xsce

In the centos 7.1 xsce install (which has rachel installed) and logged into the wireless AP Internet in a Box from my T-400 laptop where I have cinnamon 2.6.12 desktop installed in Ubuntu 14.04 /sugar 0.106


Start firefox and point it to


which has a rachel entry under wikipedia (Interesting things. menu)

  • Here I can see the videos from kahn; Medline; Hesperian; Kahn health and Medicine; Project gutenburg etc....all mp4 files work
  • from ubuntu 14.04 on laptop ($100 rebuilt T400)
  • Videos are not available using an XO-1.5 software build 13.2.5, but I can see rest of content on the XO that does not use mp4.
  • Of course. No need to mention that here, as it is a known problem with OLPC OS. Why not test with restricted software loaded? You can do that with instructions for adding codecs, or by using a build with restricted software already included. You can contact me by mail for access to that build, as it is not public. --Quozl (talk) 20:00, 10 December 2015 (EST)


NOTE use su to get to root of booted live; use installer to set your root password but please do not use "xsce-admin" as a new user, that one is already taken.

Text-mode Installation

  • Download:
http://download.unleashkids.org/xsce/downloads/installer/experimental/ (27-Nov-2015 14:27 1.7G )

Login as root, then run "xsceinst"


Proceed through the guided prompts.

Reboot and login as "xsce-admin" with password "g0adm1n"

  • Should you want to create another user please do not use "xsce-admin" as a new user, that one is already taken.
  • Note: Please refrain from using liveinst during testing, trying to implement that functionality in the future.
  • Note-2 On reboot of the server you will re-enter (text install) and be promted to add a user (optional) as XSXE-admin was preconfigured on the DVD.

Install Xfce

If you must have a graphical environment on your server, run:
yum groupinstall xfce

Start the Xfce desktop

(Xfce will not start on next login, unless you arrange for that below)


  • Disable screensaver
  • Presuming you've installed Firefox above, go to:



Admin-logged in.png

Logging into XSCE-admin from XO-1.5

Login to xsce from XO-1.5.JPG

F22-XSCE-live install to a NUC from a external USB DVD drive

  • Wikipedia app on F3 on XO 1.5 (13.2.5)

Wikipedia F3.JPG

  • Wikipedia from XO 1.5 Simple English Wikipedia app
Wikipedia portal page

Wikipedia on xo 1.5.JPG

logged into Internet in a Box from Ubuntu 14.04 LTS sugar0.107


Ubuntu 0.107 14.04lts.JPG

  • T-400 laptop
  • NOTE be sure to set in sugar control panel power/Automatic power management [ ] off

To make Xfce start at default boot

cd /etc/systemd/system 
ln -­sf /lib/systemd/system/graphical.target default.target 
If above line fails, run
unlink default.target 
then try it again.
  • Reboot to test graphical login, presumably with username: xsce-­admin


  • Link to rachel.zip


  • see discussion for more links