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Some introductory words what the activity is like. Any special things you like to mention that happened during the release cycle etc

More Info: link to get some further info about the module


  • reduced memory usage
  • performance improvements in startup

Detailed changes


  • Modularized the shell to have every major UI component like the frame the home view and the control panel reside in his own module and be self contained
  • Use gconf as a backend to store the profile.
  • Several heavy shell dependency have been dropped.
  • Merge of the journal and of the shell service into the shell
  • "Battery fully charged" shows up in error (battery is removed) #5867
  • Jabber server description is ambiguous #8623
  • Should re-request closed random views #8900
  • Should request random activities/buddies to populate the mesh view #7545
  • Clipboard objects need meaningful labels #5751
  • Dragging within the clipboard creates duplicate clippings #8606
  • Cursor lock while dragging icons in Home (or anywhere) #7408
  • Tray control should support highlight on drag #8604


  • Fix uninstalling activities from the home view
  • Make sugar control panel support selection of multiple languages d.l.o
  • Add saving and loading of the nm connections and support for WPA #8876
  • Implement a global handler for the view source key
  • Initial implementation of activity notifications
  • Wireless network frame device #9
  • Make sugar control panel support selection of multiple languages #8876
  • Update Icon in the AP palette #7
  • Control Panel needs to list wireless firmware version #8131


  • Fix language parsing on Gentoo and ALTLinux #81 (alsroot)
  • Change the FRAME_POSITION_RELATIVE to follow eben's spec
  • exec sugar-session
  • Add wired device icon for the frame
  • Only show wireless device in the frame when connecting/connected
  • Use jabber.sugarlabs.org by default
  • Only create a keydialog for the activating connection
  • CanvasPulsingIcon: Don't begin pulse loop on resume if not pulsing
  • Use g_timeout_add_seconds() for power efficiency
  • Add the journal button to the volumes toolbar in the journal
  • Remove jarabe/model/volume.py and use gio instead
  • First try at restoring removable devices support in the journal
  • make the image viewer activity the default one for iamges


  • Make the journal entries in the favorites palette resumable
  • Simplify the constants used to identify favorite layouts
  • Separate debug settings from xsession #163
  • Add logout option #207 to xomenu (sayamindu, icon by eben)
  • Change jabber server without sugar restart #142
  • About my XO -> About my Computer
  • Fix setting the timezone in debian #196
  • Autoconnect to AP that we connected to last #8
  • Add a favorites mode setting for deciding if the favorites view resumes by default or not
  • Resume by default the last activity from the favorites view
  • Implement filtering by file type for removable devices
  • Filter by timestamp, not by mtime #132
  • Add support for text queries on removable devices
  • Dont abort if we cannot read a file from a removable device
  • Add a favorite filter to the journal toolbar
  • Sanitize the file name when we copy to removable devices
  • Refresh the detailed view when the entry changes #36
  • Refresh full metadata when editing so we dont lose properties #38
  • Focus Search is not exposed via dbus anymore #89
  • 'Open with' does not work for clipboard item #131
  • Install bundles when they get into the journal #165
  • Add Resume item to the file transfer palette
  • Fix erase button in the journal #126
  • Following eben's spec for the device positions


  • Resume Activity list is not updated directly #322
  • Fix network panel on XO (Sascha Silbe) #290
  • Only show cp power section on xo #320
  • Add logout option to the buddy menu (Sayamindu) #207
  • Launch activity also when clicking on the palette icon #335
  • Use the activity icon for the 'Start new' palette item #314
  • Close the object chooser when the activity is closed #329
  • Dates in journal are not translated #55
  • Don't mute when right-clicking the speaker icon #278
  • Correctly cache the connection to the OHM service #249
  • Show launcher screen immediately after the user clicks to start an activity #243
  • Use documend-send icon (Gary C Martin) #227
  • Try harder to get an icon for a clipping
  • Hide the journal activity in the home view #87
  • Correctly initialize the TrayIcon
  • Add 'View Details' option to object palette in journal
  • Translation updates
  • Hide OLPC-specific fields on non-xo machines #133
  • Add a 'Clear search' button to 'No matching entries' message #266
  • Correctly detect when a query in the journal is empty #255
  • Avoid launching two instances of the same activity instance #238
  • Add start-with option to objectpalette in the journal
  • Fix dnd of icons in the favorite view #213
  • Right click on AP should reveal palette not connect to AP #10
  • Display space used and left in the volume palette in the journal #33
  • Don't update the zoom level when a dialog window pops up
  • Fix filtering the objectchooser with data types #219


  • Revert "Add a favorites mode setting for deciding if the favorites view resumes by default or not"
  • Listen for changes in the Activities dir and install/uninstall activities accordingly #235
  • Fix sorting of favorite icons by installation_time #387
  • View Source: Option and accelerator in activity frame palette
  • View Source: Use activity icon outline for Bundle Source, part of #360
  • View Source: Hide Python Bytecode files #361
  • Use the file transfer icons
  • Many new translations!


  • Focus rectangle corners should be rounded #406
  • Restore minimal .xol support #459
  • Check the activity version and replace an older version upon download #464
  • Friendstray: icon reacting to right click #441
  • Network device icons don't react on right click #463
  • Don't open a launcher window when that activity is already running #426
  • Fall back to application-octet-stream for unknown types #458
  • Show a generic icon for clippings, if available #454
  • Don’t add_bundle on activity dir change when installed already #442
  • Make mute sound code togglable
  • Keyhandler: Map XF86Search to the journal search
  • Keyhandler: Catch all exceptions (thanks to Sascha Silbe)
  • Give time for exit to execute when closing the emulator #435
  • Dont hardcode the maximum amount of entries to cache in the journal #72
  • Add standard ‘Print’ shortcut to take a screenshot
  • Use keyboard specific keys to set the volume #430
  • Update to new DBus policy #307
  • Fix palette appearance on right-click #403
  • Switch to existing instance of an activity if it’s already running #410


Tomeu Vizoso