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Etoys is ...

  • an educational tool for teaching children powerful ideas in compelling ways
  • a media-rich authoring environment and visual programming system
  • a free software program that works on almost all personal computers

This activity is the Sugar version of Etoys, which is compatible with the versions running on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Homepage: http://squeakland.org/

More Info: Activities/Etoys

What is new for users

After launching Etoys, its home screen is accessible using the "previous project" button. This is useful if you want to create a new project, but started Etoys by resuming another one. Note that as before, when stopping the activity, only the current project is stored in the Journal.

The display mode button is no longer in the tool bar. Its menu can be found in the world's halo menu. The toolbar can be toggled using the new top-right button. When loading old projects, the toolbar is toggled automatically.

(Experimental) Projects can be published to the Squeakland website from within Etoys. To do this, hold down the the "Keep" button (for publishing) or "Find" button (for accessing).


Getting Started

Tutorials: http://squeakland.org/tutorials/

What is new for developers

Internationalization (i18n) and Localization (l10n)

Will be generated by the translation team


This version has been successfully tested in latest Sugar as well as on an XO running OS 767 (8.2). Compatible with all Sugar releases since at least 0.82.

Etoys-activity v. 110 depends on etoys-4.0.2332

Detailed changes

even more details excruciatingly detailed log

4.0.2332 (6 Oct 2009)

  • updated translation: fr
  • store reference to previous project when a project is re-uploaded
  • smaller font size for textual scripts
  • fix translating of value types and function tiles
  • fix bearing-to and distance-to in Test pane

4.0.2326 (1 Oct 2009)

  • updated translations: de, ja
  • attempt to fix the erratic "project can't be saved because of blocks" warning
  • fix lost formatting when copying and pasting text inside Etoys
  • show "Haitian Creole" instead of "ht" in language menu
  • supply parentheses around 'bearing/distance to' tiles so expressions can be extended
  • prevent tool bar from accidental deletion

4.0.2319 (24 Sep 2009)

  • updated translations: de, es, fr, ko, mn
  • updated example projects
  • guard against network errors

4.0.2318 (17 Sep 2009)

  • updated translation: ja
  • nicer About flap
  • put Grab Patch and Lasso tools back into Supplies
  • fix project server URLs and default categories
  • catch a network error
  • fix error when creating new projects

4.0.2306 (14 Sep 2009)

  • do not modify po/templates/etoys.pot during jhbuild (SUGAR-1329)
  • prevent destructive overwriting of projects in Journal
  • fixes project publishing UI
  • use proper object chooser icon
  • change default window size to 800x600
  • rename home project from 'Etoys Activity' to 'Home'
  • remove non-functional undo button

4.0.2279 (8 Sep 2009)

  • support publishing to squeakland gallery
  • make look-like only available for SketchMorphs to fix various isssues
  • fix saving issues under Sugar (thanks dgd)
  • fix Save button balloon help under Sugar
  • show crosshair feedback during patch-grabbing
  • no longer write out the gif thumbnail when saving a project
  • send utf-8 to SuperSwikiServer
  • adjust toolbar under Sugar (show Next button, hide Fullscreen button)
  • add display-mode menu to the world's halo
  • fix ctrl/alt shortcuts under Linux

4.0.2258 (28 Aug 2009):

  • Windows VM updated to 3.11.4
  • Updated translations: de, el, en, fr, it, ja, sv
  • Added translations: ar, bg, bn, ko, mn, mr, ne, nl, ps, ro, ru, te, ur, vi, zh_TW
  • make launcher screen (clouds) accessible via back button
  • fix viewer performance bug (thanks to Ricardo Moran for reporting)
  • Kedama fixes
  • fix refresh bug when objects are rejected and slide back to their original position
  • initial screen has Japanese translation

4.0.2253 (21 Aug 2009):

  • Mac VM updated to 4.2.1b1: allows to read files from image directory even when sandboxed
  • Mac VM got a QuickLook generator: makes Finder show projects as their embedded thumbnails
  • fixed Welcome and DemonCastle project scaling issues
  • fixed jagged cursor on Mac
  • made piano keyboard bigger
  • prevent duplicate viewers

4.0.2247 (18 Aug 2009):

  • updated translations: el
  • Linux: fall back to OSS when pulseaudio is detected
  • add button to toggle toolbar
  • hide toolbar when loading old projects
  • place viewer and collapsed objects below toolbar
  • improved grab-patch tool and polygons
  • store language tag and thumbnail in project
  • wording improvements in several menus and help balloons

4.0.2229 (7 Jul 2009)

  • fix demo project resolutions
  • Sugar: add setup.py to please packagers
  • avoid black screen flashing when switching projects
  • set window title to project name
  • split over-long "geometry" category
  • better keyboard event handling in scripts
  • various fixes

4.0.2212 (1 Apr 2009)

  • keep temp names in textual scripts
  • make it less easy to rip a BookMorph's nav-bar out of the book
  • Linux: fix GStreamer playback (for squeak-vm with GStreamer-Plugin JMM.16)


Scott Wallace, Yoshiki Ohshima, Bert Freudenberg, Korakurider, Karl Ramberg, Ricardo Moran, Masashi Umezawa, John Maloney

Release notes

Note: The contents of this section have been transcluded from another page, 0.84/Etoys:




Etoys is ...

  • an educational tool for teaching children powerful ideas in compelling ways
  • a media-rich authoring environment and visual programming system
  • a free software program that works on almost all personal computers

This activity is the Sugar version of Etoys, which is compatible with the versions running on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Homepage: http://squeakland.org/

More Info: Activities/Etoys

What is new for users

This release fixes many minor bugs and updates translations, but there are no big visible changes.


Getting Started

Starts with the Cloud view. Click on the tutorial cloud. The first challenge in Sugar Etoys asks user to create a simple script and click on a clock to get it going. Try to complete the tutorial. To get to a 'clean version' of the Etoys Challenge go to the Cloud view and click on Tutorials and Demos. Etoys SHOULD load a clean version for you complete with scripting blocks ready to go.

known bugs

Audio recording will sometimes crash etoys. (Trying to reproduce now.)

Audio doesn't play: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aqvjckt9j20


Is there any provision for hosting student projects/ code as being done for Scratch? If not, has anyone identified an alternative place for hosting or posting the _ascii text_ student code developed in etoys?

How do you view the source code for etoys projects?

What other ways are there to share etoys made by students outside of their Sugar friends?

Does anyone have any etoy code that gives the illusion of scrolling X and Y?

How do you view the source for etoys in Sugar? The frame rollover right click view source only show the script calling for etoys to start. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oezi0hm07Po

How do you enable the preferences so that you can edit code for an etoy project in text mode? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oezi0hm07Po

Is there a code block for activating key board control? If yes, where is it under what subset?

When creating a test I want to use a script1 for Yes, and script2 for No. How do I do that? I have not been able to drag and drop the scripts into the test area.

Click the eye ball viewer. Look for scripts. Drag your script block from the viewer and the script block into your test. Etoys is touchy and the UI for handling the blocks, compared to Scratch, is clumsy but it can be done. Here's a video of how to get get scripts into test blocks.



Check out waveplace.com as well.

What is new for developers

The activity source code was moved to http://git.sugarlabs.org/projects/etoys

This version of Sugar includes the Etoys 4.0 release. The major version jump signifies the end of the two-year Etoys relicensing effort.

Originally released in 1996, Apple relicensed the Squeak core under the Apache 2.0 license in October 2006. Then, Viewpoints Research collected written relicensing agreements from several hundred later contributors under the MIT license. Finally, all the code in Etoys not explicitly covered by a relicensing agreement was removed, or rewritten, or reverted to an earlier version.

The new release is now fully covered by the MIT license, with some portions remaining under the Apache 2.0 license.

Internationalization (i18n) and Localization (l10n)

Will be generated by the translation team


Etoys-activity v. 100 depends on etoys-4.0.2206.

Detailed changes


  • 4.0.2206-1
  • Content v. 184:
  • update translations de, el, fr, sv
  • fixed lineends in tr
  • new translation vi
  • 2206positionFixes-sw: 'bearing to' and 'distance to' respects ref pos (#9115)


  • 4.0.2205-2
  • include icons for mime types
  • Content v. 182:
  • update version string on startup


  • 4.0.2205-1
  • use ~/Etoys instead of ~/.etoys/sandbox as default directory
  • Content v. 181:
  • add license button to About flap in launcher project
  • add mkRelease shell script to generate user image from dev image
  • 2205virtDisplayJan12-yo: Enable screen scaling a bit more eagerly.
  • 2204copyright-bf: Put a full copyright notice into the image.
  • 2203jaInputDec8-yo: Make Anthy based Japanese input work.
  • 2202fullAuthTools-sw: Offer full authoring-tools menu to all users (#9173)


  • 4.0.2201-1
  • removed/rewrote all non-relicensed code
  • Content v. 180:
  • 2201FixOnSugarSandBox-yo: The logic was wrong when to enable the sandbox.
  • 2200dismissProjView-sw: Cannot delete remote project (#9058)
  • 2199altDot-sw: make alt-dot pause all ticking scripts (#8879)
  • 2198unCamelCase-sw: do not 'un-camel-case' user-defined scripts (#8929)
  • 2197arrowsOnLangChg-sw: Switching language loses arrows (#8928)
  • 2196wrap-swyo: workaround for wrap issues in UserText and PreferencesPanel.
  • 2195koEnvironment
  • 2194scriptNameTileFixup-sw: fix some structures in old projects
  • 2193newDatastore-bf: Cope with new Datastore using ByteArrays for Strings
  • 3.2 edits (license cleanup):
  • 2192lastEdits: Clean up rest of code
  • 2191revertAC-yo:
  • 2190removeAudioChat: removes AudioChatGUI and related classes
  • 2189cleanupDWH: remove/rewrite code by DWH
  • 2188rewriteHGServDir: rewrite ServerDirectory code by HG
  • 2187rewriteHGExplorer: rewrite Exporer code by HG
  • 2186revertJDL: revert contributions by JDL
  • 2185cleanupHG1: revert/remove various contributions by HG
  • 2184removeScaledDecimal: removes the ScaledDecimal class
  • 2183removeScaleMorph: removes ScaleMorph class
  • 2182basicRevert1: revert many simple edits
  • 2181basicRemoval: removes methods and classes that are not needed.
  • 2180gapFiller
  • 2179gapFiller
  • 2178gapFiller
  • 3.1 edits (unreleased, reposted into 4.0):
  • 2177FixOnSugarSandBox-yo: The logic was wrong when to enable the sandbox.
  • 2176altDot-sw: make alt-dot pause all ticking scripts (#8879)
  • 2175unCamelCase-sw: do not 'un-camel-case' user-defined scripts (#8929)
  • 2174arrowsOnLangChg-sw: Switching language loses arrows (#8928)
  • 2173wrap-swyo: workaround for wrap issues in UserText and PreferencesPanel.
  • 2172koEnvironment:
  • 2171scriptNameTileFixup-sw: fix some structures in old projects
  • 2170playerValuedParm-sw: fix player script parameters (#8694, #8695)
  • 2169gapFiller
  • 2168gapFiller
  • 2167gapFiller
  • 2166gapFiller
  • 2165gapFiller
  • 2164gapFiller
  • 2163gapFiller
  • 2162gapFiller
  • 2161jumpTo3dot1-yo: Jump to version 3.1


  • 3.0.2160-1
  • make Makefile work on Fedora 9
  • use bundle_id instead of service_name
  • adjust to recent bundlebuilder changes
  • Content v. 179:
  • update translation: tr
  • fixed scripting command tiles in FishAndPlankton project
  • 2160newDatastore-bf: Cope with Datastore using ByteArrays for Strings


  • 3.0.2159-1
  • update translation: tr
  • Content v. 176:
  • 2159putSourceFix-yo: Guard putSource:fromParseNode:... with a nil check
  • 2158bkwdCompatFixes-sw: Fixes two backward-compatibility problems
  • 2157WsReleasesInput-yo: fix WorldStethoscope analog input (#8608)
  • 2156composeTitle-bf: Compose title of Journal object (#8351)
  • 2155buddyFix-bf: Compose buddy nick name. Protect against bad colors
  • 2154dissociateWSWorld-yo: Complete 2152rmSingletonFromWs-yo (#8541)


Yoshiki Ohshima, Scott Wallace, Bert Freudenberg