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Some introductory words what the activity is like. Any special things you like to mention that happened during the release cycle etc

More Info: link to get some further info about the activity

What is new for users

The biggest change is the incorporation of the new toolbar design.

The new toolbar design for Log.
Toolbar design.


  • Utilize new toolbars design

What is new for developers

No News

Internationalization (i18n) and Localization (l10n)

Will be generated by the translation team


Note here if compatibility to an older version of the activity or an older Sucrose version (e.g. 0.84) broke

Detailed changes

  • Toolbar redesign
  • New languages
  • Updated translations
  • Make the share button insensitive and add the keep one
  • get rid of set_size_request calls, needed for the switch to metacity (tomeu)
  • Hold a reference to the monitors so they don't get disposed #957
  • Remove hardcoded font
  • Add splitter between tree view and text scroll
  • Migrate from GnomeVFS to GIO

Closed tickets

  • #589 Log Activity text is too small
  • #957 Logs do not get updated
  • #1141 Log Activity fails to open on SoaS

Open ticket

  • #1366 easier bug reporting


Simon Schampijer, Wade Brainerd, Aleksey Lim