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Terminal is an Activity that gives the Sugar user access to the GNU/Linux shell (similar to the Terminal program in Mac OS X or the Command Prompt in Microsoft Windows). It is an advanced activity for users who would like to explore the operating system at a deeper level and to access legacy and non-"Sugarized" applications. The Terminal activity is also used for occasional system maintenance.

More Info can be found on the Activities/Terminal page.

For information about how to use the GNU/Linux command-line, see Gnu/Linux Command-line Manual

What is new for users

The most obvious change to Terminal is the conversion to the new toolbar design. Beyond that, Terminal now includes tabs that lets one manage multiple sessions; sessions are saved and resumed in the Journal.

Terminal now supports the new toolbar design and allows tabbed shell sessions.
Click on the Tab toolbar icon to manage your tabs, Terminal Journal sessions will remember the tabs you create.


  • Toolbar redesign
  • New and updated translations


  • Fix exception when starting with no terminalrc.
  • New translations


  • Add tabs.
  • Add journal save/resume of tabs, scrollback working directory.

What is new for developers

What might be interesting to know for a developer contributing to the component. Add 'No News' if there is nothing of interest.

Internationalization (i18n) and Localization (l10n)

Will be generated by the translation team


Note here if compatibility to an older version of the activity or an older Sucrose version (e.g. 0.84) broke

Detailed changes

  • Toolbar redesign
  • New and updated translations
  • Fix exception when starting with no terminalrc.
  • Add tabs.
  • Add journal save/resume of tabs, scrollback and working directory.

Closed Tickets

  • #1356 Typo in accelerator name
  • #481 mv command in Terminal (and Sugar console) removes files when move unsuccessful
  • #1118 Terminal window offset on the XO

Open Tickets

  • #440 Disable Esc (exit full screen mode) accelerator in Terminal.
  • #537 Command Line text wrapping quirk on first line of Terminal after larger font size setting
  • #1308 Better naming of add/remove tab
  • #1402 Reveal unfullscreen button on mouse motion


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