2016 Goals

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The following is a DRAFT, that will eventually be presented to the Sugar Labs Oversight Board at a regularly scheduled monthly meeting as a motion to approve it for the year.

Your edits are welcome!

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TODO: convert this structured list into a spreadsheet (and then back into a wiki table with http://marianogappa.github.io/mediawiki-table-utility) with cols for who/when/etc

Software Goals

  • 1. to successfully complete our six GSoC projects;
  • 2. to make two releases of Sugar, one in February (0.108) and one in October (0.110);
    • 2.1 to package 0.110 for Fedora and Debian;
    • 2.2 to check all activities on github work with the 0.110 release, and ensure their activity.info file is current;
    • 2.3 to check that all activities work well on the XO-1;
    • 2.4 to make a release video, similar to the release video for 0.106;
  • 3. to allow Sugar Activities to run outside Sugar;
    • 3.1 on GNOME/KDE/XFCE and other free desktops;
    • 3.2 on Android with python-for-android;
    • 3.3 on ChromeOS;
      • 3.3.1 with Crouton;
      • 3.3.2 with broadway;
    • 3.4 on Windows;
    • 3.5 on Mac OS X;
  • 4. to port more Activities to Sugarizer, the web-based version of Sugar;
  • 5. to port all Activities from PyGTK+3 to PyQt (docs);
  • 6. to port all Activities and Sugar from Python 2 to Python 3;
  • 7. to localize the activities/games that were produced in collaboration with the children of the Seed-Programmers Workshop+SugarCamp in Chía (La ciudad de la luna ;) Colombia in 2014;
  • 8. to make "Sugar On A Stick" into "Sugar Local Lab On A Stick," so that sugar communities without active/direct internet connections can do more to self-support themselves, and eventually upload what they have back to the central repos;
  • 9. to make Sugarizer self-translatable, and via sugar-web thus make sugar desktop self-translatable;
  • 10. to complete the documentation of the Sugar toolkit;
  • 11. to consolidate all active development to Github (see Infrastructure Team/Migrating to GitHub);
    • 11.1 to transfer the repositories of all of the core Sugar activities to github.com/sugarlabs, and set Gitorious read-only;
    • 11.2 to transfer the issue tracking from bugs.sugarlabs.org to github.com/sugarlabs, and set Trac read-only;
    • 11.3 to transfer the development discussions from sugar-devel to the issue tracker, and set the list read-only;
  • 12. to measure Sugar against the LF CII Best Practices (https://bestpractices.coreinfrastructure.org/ + www-sugarlabs#47);
  • 13. Improve ASLO (which is by far the most important web service of Sugar Labs according to http://stats.sugarlabs.org/);
    • 13.1 to link each activity entry to its github repo;
    • 13.2 to tag each activity entry with the releases that it is known to work with;
    • 13.3 to identify each activity entry as working/unavailable for each version of the XO;
    • 13.4 to update each activity to use the cpu architecture and sugar toolkit version detection (in newer releases) to ensure there is a single canonical version of each activity;
  • 14. to ensure all Sugar Labs services are running the latest versions;
  • 15. change the UI font to noto;
  • 16. to update the Sugar HIG;
  • 17. to develop a better Activity for creating Activities, with features from Bret Victor's essays, like https://atom.io/packages/hydrogen;
  • 18. to improve support for touch only based interfaces (e.g. virtual keyboard support);
  • 19. to revisit original Sugar design goals and see if any are able move forward (overlay chat, bulletin board, Journal object vs action view, Journal versioning UI, etc);
  • 20. to gather feedback and usage information from real users to improve the design loop;
  • 21. to sign all commits on core repos (details);
  • 22. to have all github members use 2-factor authentication;
  • 23. to have an activity for qb64 (LGPL) which per http://www.nicolasbize.com/blog/30-years-later-qbasic-is-still-the-best/ is the best for very young kids (7 years) to learn code with typing;
  • 24. review http://www.hackety.com/questions for UX ideas;
  • 25. to add a simple www.lowband.org integration into Browse;
  • 26. to curate ASLO;
  • 27. to set up a matrix of VirtualBox prebuilt Sugar VMs, perhaps in partnership with Oracle;
  • [your goal here]

Organization Goals