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About Yellow Dot


Yellow Dot is a simple narrative about the adventures of a yellow dot.

Where to get Yellow Dot

The Yellow Dot activity is available for download from the Sugar Activity Library: Yellow Dot

The source code is available on the Sugar Labs Gitorious server.

Using Yellow Dot

Follow the instructions found at the bottom of the screen. Instructions include tapping, rubbing, shaking, etc.



Activity toolbar
change the activity name; add notes to the Sugar Journal
Stop button
exit the activity

Learning with AEIOU

While far from contructionist, this activity does provide a fun narrative for early readers.

Extending Yellow Dot

There are many more interactions one could add to the adventures of the yellow dot. Perhaps some audio interactions would be fun.

Where to report problems

You are welcome to leave comments/suggestions on the Talk:Activities/Yellowdot page.


Yellow Dot was written by Walter Bender, having been inspired by H. Tullet's vhildren's book, Press Here