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The GNU/Linux distributions integration feature of Zero Sugar is not intended to follow all the requirements of native packages and cannot be reused for distribution of official repositories, i.e., Zero Sugar is NOT a meta-packaging tool.

There are only three major ideas behind native distribution support:

  • make packages, built on OBS, reusable for the 0install deployment model;
  • as a side effect, Zero packages could be installed on GNU/Linux distributions that OBS supports, also, Zero packages might be reused for OBS-based Sugar distributions;
  • Zero Sugar does not support most of the 'devil-in-details' packaging features that make distro people's life so funny.

Each OBS package is generated by the 0sugar tool, and might be built on a bunch of rpm/deb-based distributions within OBS. It is possible to follow regular OBS procedures for Zero packages, e.g., creating links and branching them.