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Testing Requests

This section contains a list of activities we would like to have help testing.

Sugar on a Stick Activities

The SoaS distribution ships with a number of builtin activities, and more can be downloaded and installed as .xo files. We could use help testing the following activities under Sugar on a Stick.

Currently we would like testing to focus on the following activity bundles.

Carolone, link activity bundles you would like tested on SoaS here! (and remove this comment) Wade 15:41, 12 February 2009 (UTC)

  • Activity 1
  • Activity 2
  • Activity 3
  • Activity 4
  • Activity 5
  • Activity 6
  • Activity 7
  • Activity 8
  • Activity 9
  • Activity 10

Reporting Results

Please be clear in your bug reports. At a minimum, include the following information:

  • Version number of the activity you were testing.
  • OS version you were using.
  • Describe what you tried to do, what happened, and what you expected should have happened.

If you know how to use Trac, file tickets for any bugs you encounter at

If you are not comfortable with Trac, send an email with your findings to the Sugar Devel mailing list.