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Activity table

 Activity   Pedagogy   Fedora repo   ASLO *   Pootle   Usage page   Development page   Tickets   Smoke test   Journal   Collaboration  Meets SoaS Criteria Comments
browse ? ? ? x
calculate ? ? ? x
chat ? ? ? x
etoys ? x ? x
imageviewer ? ? ? x
jukebox ? ? ? x
log ? ? ? x x
pippy ? ? ? x
read ? ? ? x
terminal ? ? ? x
turtleblocks the activity name is Turtle Blocks; the rpm is called turtleart
write ? ? ? x
abacus In review x x x
maze ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? x
memorize x x ? x
measure x x x ? x Use v30
physics ? x x
ruler x x x x x
sliderule x x x x x
visual match x x x
 Activity   Pedagogy   Fedora repo   ASLO *   Pootle   Usage page   Development page   Tickets   Smoke test   Journal   Collaboration 

Meets SoaS Criteria


* Note that to be included on ASLO, an activity must have a license as described here.

To whomever added the "Meets Soas Criteria" column, it was my understanding that these were criteria by which to weigh the decision as to whether or not to include an activity, not a pass/fail test. --Walter 09:59, 20 July 2010 (EDT)

Activities to add to the table

more activities to evaluate: xoirc, moon, labyrinth, typing turtle, tamtam suite, speak, measure, turtleart, implode, scratch, slider, jigsaw, flipsticks, phototoon, record, infoslicer, ...
Also look below

Ideas for revision

Have a criteria, or want to revise one? This is the section to do it in.

Add your own idea here

Be sure to describe:

Rationale: Where does this requirement come from and why is it important?

Test: how we can make sure that the requirement is met - what sort of testing needs to be done to verify this?

Instructions: links to instructions on how Activity authors and maintainers can fulfill the requirement, if possible.

IDEA: Color code activities listed based on criteria fulfilled

Rationale: Gives a visual cue for developers that one or more criteria are not complete or accurate.

Test: Activities are listed in RED until each criteria has been addressed and filled in with an active link.

Instructions: Add activity to list. Test each criteria and set status appropriately. When all criteria are fulfilled, color of activity changes to BLACK.

IDEA: Add +/- ranking to criteria in table

Rationale: Add ranking to criteria to encourage better documentation.

Test: Validate if minimum criteria has been met. Subjective assessment follows to determine + or - ranking.

Instructions: By default, a checkmark (and hyperlink) is placed in the table for each criteria met. If the documentation at the link destination is an excellent example, add a + to the checkmark in table. If it's poor or incomplete documentation, add a - to the checkmark.

IDEA: Add a legend for the criteria table

Rationale: Gives clear indication of criteria status

Test: n/a (as above, this is more about the table's functionality and accuracy)

Instructions: Make sure that all icons in the table are represented in the legend

Look at Activities-Index-ASLO Spreadsheet & Wiki Activity_Test_Table Table

  • Contains information on Compatibility of ASLO .xo files for v3 Mirabelle and f14 (Rawhide) fedora Soas.spin USB's
Editable Table: Testing/Activity Test Table

Activities Installed from f14 rawhide:

yum install sugar*

On shipped soas-i386-20100611.15.iso

Package sugar-terminal-31-2.fc13.noarch already installed and latest version

Package sugar-base-0.88.0-1.fc14.i686 already installed and latest version

Package sugar-physics-4-2.fc14.noarch already installed and latest version

Package sugar-presence-service-0.88.0-1.fc14.noarch already installed and latest version

Package sugar-artwork-0.88.1-1.fc14.i686 already installed and latest version

Package sugar-log-23-2.fc12.noarch already installed and latest version

Package sugar-0.88.1-1.fc14.noarch already installed and latest version

Package sugar-xoirc-6-4.fc14.noarch already installed and latest version

Package sugar-write-69-1.fc14.noarch already installed and latest version

Package sugar-logos-3-3.fc14.noarch already installed and latest version

Package sugar-chat-66-1.fc12.noarch already installed and latest version

Package sugar-turtleart-88-1.fc14.noarch already installed and latest version

Package sugar-toolkit-0.88.1-1.fc14.i686 already installed and latest version

Package sugar-record-66-3.fc14.noarch already installed and latest version

Package sugar-settings-manager-0.87.2-1.fc13.i686 already installed and latest version

Package sugar-datastore-0.88.0-1.fc14.i686 already installed and latest version

Package sugar-browse-115-1.fc14.noarch already installed and latest version

Not on iso but in repository
Package                  Arch     Version                       Repository


sugar                    noarch   0.88.0-1.fc13                 fedora   638 k
sugar-analyze            noarch   8-5.fc12                      fedora    36 k
sugar-artwork            i686     0.88.0-2.fc13                 fedora   149 k
sugar-base               i686     0.88.0-1.fc13                 fedora    60 k
sugar-browse             noarch   115-1.fc13                    fedora   235 k
sugar-calculator         noarch   30-3.fc13                     fedora   160 k
sugar-chat               noarch   66-1.fc12                     fedora    76 k
sugar-clock              noarch   5-3.fc13                      fedora    48 k
sugar-connect            noarch   22-5.fc13                     fedora    34 k
sugar-datastore          i686     0.88.0-1.fc13                 fedora    52 k
sugar-distance           noarch   13-4.fc13                     fedora    32 k
sugar-emulator           noarch   0.88.0-1.fc13                 fedora    52 k
sugar-finance            noarch   3-2.fc12                      fedora    80 k
sugar-flipsticks         noarch   2-2.fc12                      fedora   107 k
sugar-getiabooks         noarch   3-2.fc13                      fedora    18 k
sugar-help               noarch   10-1.fc12                     fedora    11 M
sugar-imageviewer        noarch   14-1.fc13                     fedora    74 k
sugar-implode            noarch   9-1.20091228.fc13             fedora    76 k
sugar-infoslicer         noarch   6-2.fc13                      fedora   3.0 M
sugar-jukebox            noarch   18-1.fc13                     fedora    70 k
sugar-log                noarch   23-2.fc12                     fedora    78 k
sugar-logos              noarch   3-3.fc13                      fedora    87 k
sugar-maze               noarch   6-1.fc13                      fedora    30 k
sugar-memorize           noarch   33-3.fc13                     fedora   745 k
sugar-moon               noarch   10-3.fc13                     fedora   137 k
sugar-physics            noarch   4-2.fc13                      fedora    79 k
sugar-pippy              noarch   34-6.fc13                     fedora   218 k
sugar-playgo             noarch   5-4.fc13                      fedora   250 k
sugar-presence-service   noarch   0.88.0-1.fc13                 fedora   107 k
sugar-read               noarch   78-1.fc13                     fedora   126 k
sugar-record             noarch   66-3.fc13                     fedora   201 k
sugar-settings-manager   i686     0.87.2-1.fc13                 fedora    11 k
sugar-speak              noarch   14-3.fc13                     fedora   116 k
sugar-stopwatch          noarch   0-0.3.20090126.fc12           fedora    39 k
sugar-tamtam-common      i686     0-0.4.20100201git.fc13        fedora   7.3 M
sugar-tamtam-edit        noarch   0-0.4.20100201git.fc13        fedora   238 k
sugar-tamtam-jam         noarch   0-0.4.20100201git.fc13        fedora   181 k
sugar-tamtam-mini        noarch   0-0.4.20100201git.fc13        fedora   216 k
sugar-tamtam-synthlab    noarch   0-0.4.20100201git.fc13        fedora   203 k
sugar-terminal           noarch   31-2.fc13                     fedora    71 k
sugar-toolkit            i686     0.88.0-1.fc13                 fedora   323 k
sugar-turtleart          noarch   83-1.fc13                     fedora   313 k
sugar-typing-turtle      noarch   26-3.fc13                     fedora   323 k
sugar-view-slides        noarch   8-4.fc13                      fedora   137 k
sugar-visualmatch        noarch   21-1.fc13                     fedora   116 k
sugar-write              noarch   69-1.fc13                     fedora   105 k
sugar-xoirc              noarch   6-4.fc13                      fedora   107 k
sugar-xomail             noarch   0-0.3.20090128.fc12           fedora    49 k