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View-Source Enhancements

Two different enhancements are proposed: adding view source for the Sugar platform and adding the ability to make a copy of an activity from the view source toolbar.

View Sugar Source

The idea is to simply add a radio button to the View Source toolbar for Sugar Source as per the figure:

View sugar source.png

Copy Bundle Code

The idea is to add a submenu Copy item that will make a local (~/Activities/) copy of an activity (with the idea in mind that the user will modify it without risking breaking the original) (See #2859 for some more details and the patch).

Copy bundle source.png

The new activity is renamed MyActivity and the bundle_name is renamed bundle_name_my_copy. The activity icon is also modified as per the illustration below.


Notes from 06-12-2011 design team meeting

  1. remove jarabe content from Sugar view source
  2. reset the version number on copy
  3. change the bundle name to bundle_name_NICK_copy
  4. change the activity name to NICK_activity_name
  5. change the activity icon name to NICK-activity-icon.svg
  6. make a .xo bundle from the cloned activity and copy it into the Journal
  7. rename Copy Button hint to "Clone"
  8. ACTION: manuq will revisit the modified icon design

See patches at [1] and [2].