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Touchscreen Support

Feature description Keyboard only hardware Keyboard and touchscreen hardware Touchscreen only hardware
Cursor show always show if trackpad used, hide if screen touched hide always
Virtual keyboard not required, but useful for accessibility needs useful in ebook mode essential, needs to appear automatically when a text field is selected (with optional ability to expose/hide for compatibility)
Cursor hover hints/palettes accessible accessible when using trackpad accessible only if activated by 'right click' (touch & hold)
Keyboard shortcuts accessible accessible when using keyboard not available (must rely on visual icons, HW buttons, or touch gestures)
Frame accessible accessible when using keyboard & trackpad needs a touch gesture (swipe in/out from any edge) and/or new button (top left frame corner most likely), same old issues regarding discoverability of the Frame.... No physical home button on XO-3.0 hardware.
Buttons & context menu size/spacing OK nice to have them optimized to be touchable size/spacing of buttons and menus needs to be optimised for finger sized interaction
hpane/vpane separator theme OK nice to have them optimized to be touchable size menus needs to be optimised for finger sized interaction
Screen resolution n/a n/a XO-3.0 is 1024x768, continue to make sure the Sugar shell, and activities are designed to scale well
Keyboard shortcut hints continue to add hints continue to add hints hide keyboard hints from touch only UI
Scrolling a zoomed paint/drawing view n/a two finger drag to pan/scroll canvas two finger drag to pan/scroll canvas, essential
Home favourite activity icons need to increase icon layout size/spacing (larger targets, further apart)
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[CSA: adding here some issues which aren't in the above table, not sure how they fit in]
Keyboard hints
show different keyboards for numeric, URL, or free-text input. (For example, TurtleArt wouldn't show the full keyboard when it just needs you to enter a number.)
Hover palettes
might need to be offset more from finger location to be useable on touchscreen (so that the finger doesn't cover up the palette when it pops up)
Drag to scroll
I prototyped this with "drag from top" / "drag from bottom" to scroll, it wasn't so bad. Simply mapping two-finger scroll to mouse scroll buttons gets you pretty far, although there are some focus issues to deal with -- it should first focus the element under the scroll start location, and *then* send it mouse scroll wheel events
Slide to switch zoom levels
just requires binding F12,F13 etc to "zoom out" and "zoom in", so olpc-kbdshim can emit the proper function key instead of trying to remember what zoom level it is in.
Uniform support for "mouseover" events
perhaps "swiping down" from a button will reveal its mouseover tool tips, for example. This is a bit of a hack, but it might make all the existing sugar activities which rely on mouseover more usable.