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API Changes

This page documents known API changes in OLPC releases.

Sugar now has an API policy documented at Sugar API policy but that takes effect as of 0.84.

XO Software Release 8.2.0

Documenting the 8.2.0 API changes is a work in progress... Please contribute!

XO Software Release 8.2.0 uses Sugar (sucrose) release 0.82. See

Sugar API Changes

self._shared_activity is deprecated in 8.2.0 and will be removed in 9.1.0. Use self.shared_activity instead.
Use SugarTubeConnection instead of TubeConnection to get resolution of Telepathy handles to Buddies without needing the get_buddy boilerplate function. See this commit to Connect to see how to use it.

System API Changes

  • 8.2.0 was based on Fedora 9, whereas 8.1.x was based on Fedora 7.
The package changes between 8.1.x and 8.2.0 are listed on update.1 - 8.2. It includes several cases where two packages were folded into one or a package was renamed.
This package is not present in 8.2, use numpy instead.