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Class: Notebook(gtk.Notebook)

Sugar has its own notebook class that is built on top of gtk.Notebook. Use the sugar version so that you can access specialized methods as needed.

How do I create a new notebook and populate it with pages?

The simple example below creates three pages, each with different types of containers. You can make anything a page in your notebook as long as it is a valid gtk container.

from import Notebook
        top_canvas = Notebook()
        #Create pages for the notebook
        first_page = gtk.VBox()
        second_page = gtk.VBox()
        third_page = gtk.Frame()

        #Add the pages to the notebook. 
        top_box.add_page('First Page', first_page)
        top_box.add_page('Second Page', second_page)
        top_box.add_page('Third_Page', third_page)

        #Set the canvas for this activity's UI to be the notebook object just created. 

How do I do other standard operations on a sugar Notebook?

Most other work with the sugarized notebook can be done by using the gtk.Notebook interface