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Good practices

  • Every time we teach something to new contributors or to member of other teams, we should ask and make sure they document it in the wiki so that everyone else can have access to that knowledge. That way we maximize the ability of the existing core team to open itself to new members by sharing its knowledge.

Here is some sample text that you can copy-and-paste into IRC.

When someone asks for help...

I would be glad to help you. Actually, this is the kind of information we should be documenting on our wiki. Would you mind creating a new wiki page on and writing up instructions as I teach you how to do this? That way when somebody else asks this question, we'll have somewhere for them to look.

After you help the person...

Thanks for writing up instructions on the wiki! Could you do me a quick favor and email the URL of the new howto to so the other developers can learn about this too?