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Using print

Add print statements at chosen points, while watching standard output by running the activity from within Terminal;

sugar-activity .

Using logger

Add calls to logger.error at chosen points, while watching output as above, or the Sugar logs.

Using pdb

In Terminal, change to the activity directory, and then run the activity under control of the debugger;

python -m pdb /usr/bin/sugar-activity .

At the (pdb) prompt, step from sugar-activity into the activity proper.

Using epdb

Install epdb on Fedora

dnf install python-epdb

Install epdb on Debian or Ubuntu

apt install python-pip
pip install epdb

Add epdb to your activity at the point you wish to begin debugging

def __init__(self):
   import epdb

Run your activity and interact with the debugger

sugar-activity .

At the (Epdb) prompt, step through your program.