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Some children have been using Sugar for almost five years, and yet we have little quantitative data on what impact it has had on their learning.
Research how Sugar is used by students. What is being learned? Survey students and teachers. How well does it deliver its goals?
Sugar Learning team




Research Background:

During my free block, I went to seven teachers classrooms with sugar on a stick. While their class was working on some assignments I personally sat down, and showed the teachers Sugar. After showing them a few things, I let them browse for themselves. They opened a few activities, and played around for around 30 min. Following the initial experience, they answered a few questions, and let me talk to a few students. Each student had 10+ min. to get an initial look at Sugar. They asked me a few questions, and I answered them. I then showed them a few new things, and asked a similar set of questions. Immediately following their answers, I thanked them for their time and went to the next classroom after thanking everyone for their time.




Having shown Sugar to a few students and teachers, SugarLabs is performing excellent. I asked each person a set of questions pertaining to Sugar, and how they liked it. The responses are below:</p?>



Teacher’s Answers:


Q.) How did you enjoy collaboration in Sugar?

A.) I was able to proof-read a student’s paper without leaving my computer, collaboration can improve, but as it stands it is a very decent product.


Q.) How many activities did you try, and would you use them in your unit plans?

A.) I know there are a lot, but I only tried around five. I would use a majority of them in my classroom lesson plans. (Journal, Maps, Etc.)


Q.) What was your first impression of Sugar?

A.) It was confusing at first, but after I messed around with it for a while I understood it a lot more.


Q.) If given the opportunity would you use Sugar in your everyday classroom environment?

A.) Yes, It definitely has a lot of potential, I cannot wait to see what they come up with next.



Student Opinions:

I asked students a few questions after showing them Sugar. They provided some very positive answers/responses. Some even asked the teachers to use it in the class.


Q.) Did you learn anything using Sugar?

A.) I was skeptical at first, but then I learned something new. Sugar is a very interesting thing.


Q.) What activity did you like most?

A.) I preferred Journal/Write it worked excellent, while I typed a five paragraph essay for class.


Q.) Given the opportunity, would you like to use Sugar again?

A.) Of Course! I might even develop a few activities for it; it was very fun.


Q.) Are you going to download Sugar at home?

A.) I want to play around with it a little more, and see what I can do, so yeah.


Q.) What would you add to Sugar?

A.) I would like more activities, but who wouldn’t?