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The Google Code-in contest for 13-17 year old pre-university students will begin this Monday, November 26th at 17:00 UTC. Students can go to starting at 17:00 UTC (9:00 AM PST) on Monday to register as a student in the contest. Once you have created your student profile you will then need to upload your Parental Consent form and your Proof of enrollment in a pre-university program to your profile.

Parental Concent

You can download the Parental Consent form in 14 different languages from the Google Code-in wiki at

Proof of Enrollment

When filling out your Google Code-in 2012 Profile on the Program Site you will also need to upload Proof of Enrollment in a Pre-university, high school or secondary program before you will be able to complete any tasks and receive any prizes.

Any one of following documents is considered acceptable proof of enrollment:

A scanned copy of your student identification card that shows you were enrolled as of 26 November 2012. The card needs to say 2012-2013 school year on it. Some ID's have a picture ID and name on the front and the school year on the back, be sure to scan both pages if this is the case.

A transcript or course list (official or unofficial is fine) showing the courses you were enrolled in as of 26 November 2012. Transcript in .txt format is NOT acceptable, but a .pdf or .jpeg of the transcript is. (Also attach a translated version in .txt or .pdf format if it is not in English)

A letter from your student affairs or admissions office stating that you were enrolled as of 26 November 2012. The letter must specifically state that you were enrolled as a student on November 26, 2012. It can not just be dated today and say that you are a student at the school. If the letter is in a language other than English you will need to also send a translated copy in pdf or txt format.

If you are homeschooled, you must provide a proof of enrollment from your cover school. If you have questions about the home school requirement please email program administrators at



We need our mentors to register on Melange as part of GCI2012. Please note that not all tasks are coding tasks so please consider registering even if you are not a coder.

1. Please go to [1] and select "Login" from the left hand navigation bar to register an account on Melange.

2. Once you have an account registered on Melange, request to become a mentor for Sugar Labs. Unfortunately a this ticket describes, there is a bug (but also a workaround [2]). The work around is to use this link directly to request addition to Sugar Labs list of mentors: [3]