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It is theoretically possible to parse the text from an SVG image and make it available for alternative translation.

Research the availability of FOSS (Free and Opens Source Software) tools that can be used to perform internationalization (i18n) of SVG images. Write a brief report (one paragraph per tool identified) linking to the tools and assessing their flexibility.

Criteria for most useful tools:

  1. Capable of pulling test out of SVG images. (minimal)
  2. Capable of #1 and also replacing tha text with alternative text. (getting warmer).
  3. Capable of #1 and #2 and uses common translation file format (e.g .PO file) as output/input source. (nearly ideal solution).

By way of example, there are a suite of tools Translate Toolkit that can parse and interchange many translation file formats. Something like an svg2po/po2svg pair of scripts would be ideal.

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