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Sugar and Sugar activities by-and-large have been written with little consideration of the special needs of, for example, the visually impaired learner and the learner with motor difficulties.


Define 2 basic scenarios, one per type of difficulty (IE, vision and motor). Each scenario should describe the problems (barriers) and (suggested) solutions that could exists in order to complete the next daily tasks:

(a) The user wants to access the different Sugar views (neighbourhood, friends and home) and frame options, and interact with these options.

(b) The user wants to access the control panel, browse the options and modify them.

(c) The user wants to access the journal, browse the entries and modify its properties.

(d) The user wants to access the list of activities, and start one.

(e) The user wants to access the activity tool-bar options and interact with the activity (use at least 3 activity as example).

(f) The user wants to manage (activate, deactivate and modify properties) of the the solutions you proposed.

If the solutions are general enough, you can reference them from another daily task.


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