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Virtaal is an excellent PO file editor developed by the same team that publishes the Pootle transltion server we use for Sugar localization (L10n).

It is written in Python and should be readily ported to run as a Sugar Activity.

It would be especially desirable if the Sugarized version of Virtaal could be enhanced so that it's existing capability to read and write PO and MO files could be leveraged to use the PO or MO files present in the local source code to allow "bootstrapping" of L10n on a Sugar Environment.

There are additional enhancements that might include a method for "upstreaming" those local translations to be shared with the Sugar Community (after review and posting to the Pootle server). However for the purposes of this task, the goal is to get Virtaal running cleanly on Sugar.


1) An .xo bundle (based on a code repository hosted on Sugar Labs Gitorious instance (

2) The activity should be submitted to ASLO.

3) In addition to the typical Sugar features (e.g. journal, collaboration, etc.) the activity should have the ability to discover and localize Sugar Activities and source code present on the same Sugar instance. This may need to be limited to those languages for which glibc locales are present on the platform.

References for Sugarizing

Further details about what it means to "Sugarize" a program can be learned by reading this page.

One possible approach would be to use the template described here:

Another approach is described at the links below.

cjl --at-- and walter --at--
Freenode IRC #sugar : cjl and walterbender