Karma:Meeting 21 Sep 2009

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  1. status of Subzero's Thesis
  2. The OLE Nepal devs want subzero to create the "Capacity" lesson in Karma. What does subzero think? -- He will have to play with it more to understand the scope of work
  3. Pflores visit to Nepal and encouraging Uruguay to use Karma
  4. git Stuff
    1. Briefly discuss benefits of branching in git vs. creating temporary files like index1.html
    2. power of .gitignore and why we should use it
    3. Bryan needs admin rights to Karma repo
  5. KCD's return to Austria, how does he want to stay involved?
  6. SVG - what are our options?
    1. different libs
      1. raphaeljs?
      2. SVGWeb SVG Web is just for cross-browser rendering of SVG
      3. SVGKit (http://svgkit.sourceforge.net/)
      4. jquerySVG?
      5. dojox.gfx
    2. Criteria for Evaluating libraries
      1. library download size
      2. strength of community behind lib
      3. Ease of use
      4. Any conflicts using together w/ jquery.karma.js
    3. Decisions
      1. We will test both dojox.gfx and raphaeljs
      2. We will meet 21:15 UTC Wednesday to decide which to use
      3. We will keep the chosen svg library separate from Karma and not integrate it
      4. Bryan will attempt to reimplement adding_up using the chosen svg library
      5. We will refactor Karma according to the SVG library chosen and this will take precedence over the other goals for release 0.2

The below Meeting Items are shelved awaiting a decision on SVG

  1. i18n - progress?
  2. Review for 0.2, are we on track?
  3. mpavel looking for more things to work on, what should we ask him to do?
  4. Narwhal and packaging
    1. Talk about how narwhal handles packaging
    2. Should we make karma a narwhal package?
    3. narwhal's method of managing modules and compiling all your project's dependencies into a single file is really sweet
  5. Update on Vaibhaw -- will be working on Karma full-time most likely starting this week
  6. Make sure everyone is clear why we should use only js 1.6 and what we can use from it -- filter(), map(), forEach()
  7. Goals for this week
    1. i18n demo working
      1. parser script
      2. pass unmadindu's sample tests
    2. Narwhal
      1. Get narwhal working in browser
      2. Figure out how to build a package that contains all the dependencies for a project
    3. Clean up chakra so all 3 stages look nice
    4. Select an SVG library to work w/ or copy