Karma:Meeting 23 Jun 2009

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  • Subzero still working on finishing and optimizing Quadrilaterals
  • Primary cause of slowness in Quadrilaterals, constant redrawing of line segment in 290-296
  • problems w/ current Quadrilaterals activity
    1. Using absolute and not relative positions in css, this could cause problems going b/w different machines
    2. Not using regular DOM elements for buttons -- but this is easy to fix and u can just do it on the next activity
    3. Constant line redrawing -- hardest problem
  • Next task after improving quadrilaterals - recreate the "Counting up to 10" learning activity, with Spanish and Nepali versions, probably start this task next week
    • i18n
      • should output #'s in devanagari
      • have audio feedback "correct" and "incorrect" in both Nepali and Spanish
      • integrate w/ pootle
    • Save user's high scores