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This is a stub for filling in of a spec for the idea described in If people are willing to try doing this work, it might make a nice target for v4 of Sugar on a Stick.

A web-based form that would allow deployments to customize their own SoaS spin

The first step could be just a web based form to generate a correct custom kickstart file, which a deployment would download to do a custom build.

The next step would be to setup a local Fedora repository so the packages don't need to be downloaded for every build. Then after that a system could be designed to take the custom kickstart files and build custom ISOs.

How about the kickstart program ( used with revisor) on the fedora repo now? Could it be utilized...


An identified need for this is deployments wanting to create a Soas which is an exact copy of their OLPC build. This could be used to train teachers prior to receiving OLPC laptops and gives an easy way to connect to a data projector