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Farewell Mac. Hello Sugar.

Linux runs on Mac.
Sugar runs on Linux.
A two step install of both Linux then Sugar onto an erased Hard Drive will work on most Macintosh computers including PowerPC Mac and Intel Mac.

To identify the Mac's processor and OS X version
Choose Apple menu > About This Mac. A small window will appear titled About This Mac. The processor architecture should be in the window. Note: Sugar on a Stick is for the Intel architecture only. Macs with PowerPC will need to get their Sugar from a Linux distribution.

To get started, get Linux
Sugar has been ported by the major Linux distributions and many minor ones. There are many choices available for easy installation; but after first boot, their support for Sugar varies.

Intel architecture

PowerPC architecture
Search the Internet for Linux Mac PowerPC Install. Once you've found a version of Linux for your processor, search within to see if Sugar is pre-packaged for easy install and what support or discussions they've had.