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Logs are at (second half - the first half is TriageTeam's meeting; meetbot kept running for both.)

pre-meeting agenda

1. Making Sugar Labs press-contactable - there's a problem with Google's Grand Central: it's US-only (for call forwarding) at this time. But I think I have a solution - obtain a US GSM SIM card which I could use in Europe (if the roaming fees won't ruin me ;-) .

What are the "requirements" for a successful "SL is press-contactable now!" solution? Not being too familiar with PR, I'm curious what we're aiming for here, exactly. Mchua
The idea is that a journalist has a phone number to call (many journalists are short on time and are facing a deadline) which is not Walter's. (Of course, if they already know Walter, that's different.) Ideally, there should be a fallback, i.e. if I can't respond quickly, someone else can see that there is a message and call back. This kind of reactivity is why many companies use PR firms. Google's beta Grand Central seems like a good solution but unfortunately will not forward to non-US numbers as far as I can make out. Sean

2. List of education publications I have added for press releases - after much googling & yahooing I have identified a number of education publications/portals. I'll submit my list for comment later today.

Can you add a link to that (hopefully wiki-editable) list at the end of the agenda item here? I'll take a look and try to add my own ideas to the list once it is up. Mchua
Mel - there are over 75 links on the list so I mailed it to the Marketing alias. I don't think it's advisable to maintain the PR contact list on a wiki, in particular e-mail addresses... Sean

3. Elevator pitch for teachers - I will respond to Walter's rough draft later today & would like your input. This text may be a starting point for the next press release's short description of Sugar Labs (underneath "news" part of press release).

Editable version at Marketing Team/Pitches, from Walter's first draft to the list, since I couldn't find another wiki version - please merge/redirect if there's a duplicate, or let me know and I'll do it. Mchua

4. Press release languages - I'd like to spend a couple of minutes discussing the possibility of doing press releases in languages other than English, in particular en, fr, de, pt. I can do French and perhaps we can find volunteers to do the other languages? There's a workflow aspect to this of course.

I'm guessing you meant es instead of en, above. ;) Mchua
Yes, quite right - es not en! Sean

5. Sugar Labs Ambassadors program - dfarning has suggested we look at Fedora's Ambassadors program.

Also Ubuntu LoCo teams. Other non-software location-based community teams that might be worth looking at as models: Rotary, Habitat for Humanity, Boy Scouts / Girl Scouts, American Cancer Society (and other community-run fundraising/outreach efforts from the medical field). Mchua

6. Obtaining USB sticks for Sugar on a Stick (SoaS) - have we contacted anyone beyond Belkin, Pantone, Emtec? and where are we with these three leads.