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<gregdek> All right.  There are enough people for a very brief Festivus meeting, looks like.  :)
* gregdek pulls up the marketing agenda, which is as always:
<gregdek> * IRC guide for newbies.  Did anyone pick this up yet?  Looks like a no...
 I'm gonna go with no.
 * Beginnner's guide to blogging Sugar.
 I heard that JT was actually blogging now.  :)
 Is this just a rumour?
* gregdek goes to look at the planet.
<walter> I only did the ask for IRC this morning...
<gregdek> Heh.  :)
* mchua is kind of here; in IRL meeting, but can be pinged.
<gregdek> I will follow up with JT to figure out where his blogging stands.  (Hi mel!)
 * Get Involved page.  Any update re: static site completion, walter?
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<mchua> gregdek:
<mchua> and hi, jt4sugar!
<walter> Christan says he'll ahve amock up by the end of the month
<dirakx> yikes i have to send some content to Christian
<jt4sugar> mchua: Hi
<gregdek> jt4sugar: How's the newbie blog guide coming?  :)
<jt4sugar> gregdek: Next on my list
<gregdek> w00t
<walter> dirakx: he can work with what he has for the moment. (I owe him content too)
<dirakx> walter: ok
<jt4sugar> gregdek: Did meeting start at 10am?
<gregdek> * Sponsorship program.  walter, any update?
 jt4sugar: No, 11am.  You're just in time.
 jt4sugar: Oh, wait, yes, 10am Central.
<walter> Not really. I have reexamined
 I don't know that I have anything novel to add to it
 Except maybe to say in-kind support is greatly appreciated
<gregdek> Well, really, this is an aid to your fundraising efforts.  If you don't think it's useful to continue to pursue it, we can just drop the task and point people to the Advisory_Board page.
<walter> I think we will want a dolled up page in the static site and celebrate our current group of advisors: RH, SFC,...
<gregdek> Right.
 Is that already on Christian's list?
<walter> can you ask RH if we can add them to such a page? (They qualify as in kind)
 I don't know if it is on Christian's list, but easy to add...
<gregdek> Okey doke.  Since I don't know what Christian's list looks like or where it is, I'll leave that to you.  :)
 And walter: Yes, you can add RH.
<walter> SFC doesn't have a logo... I was going to ask Christian if he knew anyone who might design one for them
<gregdek> OK.  Moving on:
 * Elevator pitch.
<walter> and the answer is?
<gregdek> I have done nothing at all.  Mea culpa.
 So this will be my holiday assignment.
<walter> I think some of the others were better :)
<gregdek> Too late -- "I have done nothing at all" is already printed on my Sugarlabs business cards.  :)
<dirakx> haha.
<walter> That is in Christian's queue. But I need to make a moo card run soon
<gregdek> You shall have it soon.  Pinky swear.
<jt4sugar> gregdek: I emailed you a draft "A Colorful Look at Sugar" it might help
<gregdek> Oh!  Awesome!  When did you send it?
* gregdek is probably going to declare email bankruptcy over the break too.
<jt4sugar> gregdek: last night
<gregdek> Great.  I'll look for it.
 * Feed update.  We've now got 28 feeds on the Planet.  W00t.
 Two more than last week.  So that's good.
* gregdek thinks we need to start considering twitter/etc. as well, and is thinking about that.
<gregdek> Moving on:
 * business card design.  On Christian's list -- walter, any update?
<walter> no further update...
<-- walter has quit (" ajax IRC Client")
<gregdek> OK.  Bye walter.  :)
<jt4sugar> Looks like a Sugar Holiday for all
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<gregdek> * slide card design.  On Christian's list -- walter, any update?  Or will you quit again?  :)
<walter> my fingers are up to no good today---
<gregdek> s/slide card/slide deck/
<walter> no update...
 Christian has too much on his plate
<gregdek> Yeah, kinda figured.
 I wonder if I might be able to get some folks from RH design into this loop.
 If we can see Christian's plate, we may be able to cherrypick a couple of things.
 We've got some talented, dramatically underpaid designers who may want to take a bite of this stuff.
<mchua> gregdek: It's winter break; design schools/students may be looking for projects to add to their portfolios.
<walter> do the RH folks have mediawiki experience?
 we could use some more tuning of the wiki skin
<gregdek> walter: Not the ones I'm thinking of.  They're strictly graphic designers.
<walter> but once Christian makes a template for the website, we can let lots of folks make pages
<gregdek> But if it's wiki tuning you need, we've got some smart Fedora folks who love that stuff, and they're all high schoolers, so they've got time.
>mchua< How are things going with Brian so far?
<walter> I'd love to see someone try to create a more simple style for us...
 the default is pretty impenetrable
<gregdek> OK.  I'll ask around.
 * Professional development intern.
 walter: Did you follow up with Caroline on this awesome NO MONEY DOWN opportunity?
<walter> We didn't get chosen for the Babson program :(
<gregdek> Well, shoot.
 That's that, then.
 Well, that's all I've got for this abbreviated Festivus meeting.
 Unless we want to move on to the Airing of Grievances or Feats of Strength.
 All right then.
 We are adjourned in...
 BANG.  Happy holidays.  :)
<walter> I had applied and spoken to them... they were excited, but apparently we didn't appeal to the students...
<jt4sugar> walter: What kind of work were students going to do
<walter> business-related stuff
 helping think through details such as local labs, affinity programs....
<jt4sugar> Did you get info from Sloan project yet?
<walter> and some marketing
 not yet
<jt4sugar> Could think Boston U-Education school+ Business school approach
<walter> yeah... just need people to get these initiatives started...
<jt4sugar> I'll talk to Evangeline again she has contact in Entrepreneurship program
* mchua notes that Olin is next to Babson, has strong ties to it, and (more pertinently) she knows a lot of folks at Babson who might be able to find a Babson student to lead this charge on-campus, if it's something we still want to look at.
<mchua> if by "The Sloan project" you mean "the students who were at Sugarcamp asking questions," they finished their paper, but it's not available to share (yet).
<jt4sugar> mchua: Thanks
<mchua> @Babson: Mike Caslin is one of their profs, teaches a class on Social Entrepreneurship which tends to attract people who would be... interested in this kind of thing.
 (Caslin being one of the folks behind NFTE, national found. for teaching entrepreneurship.)
 When I audited it, it was a project course, and students were required to take a project and think through details for it.
 A lot of kids had trouble thinking of things to work on. ;)
<walter> I guess I should not give up on Babson students yet :)
<mchua> walter: I'm happy to introduce you to the folks I know - ping me sometime on what you're trying to do, who you've talked to so far, what you need, etc. :)
<walter> I have another topic
<gregdek> Looks like I got kicked out.  :)
<walter> Is that relevant to this crowd?
<gregdek> Events?
<dirakx> yep..
<gregdek> Yes.
<jt4sugar> walter: yes
<walter> greg was too quick with the gavel
<mchua> Depends on what walter means by events - I'd like to hear more.
<dirakx> we should be using more the meeting bot  ;)
<gregdek> Sorry.  I was quick with the gavel because I was disconnected without realizing it.  :)
<walter> How do we get people involved with these (and other) events?
 (and I will be at LCA... what sort of marketing materials should I bring with me?)
<mchua> walter: I assume we want local representation to be a focus, not "And Now We Must Fly A SLOB From On High For An Official Presence"?
 (regardless of whether or not a SLOB is there.)
<walter> mchua: yes
<gregdek> This is how Fedora Ambassadors works.
 But it's gonna take us some time to recruit, I suspect.
<mchua> walter: have we defined what kind of representation we want Sugar Ambassadors at these events to provide?
<walter> so it is time to start...
 mchua: not that I know of
<gregdek> When is SCALE this year?
<walter> Feb.
<mchua> walter: cool, so what kind of representation /do/ we want Sugar Ambassadors at these events to provide? ;)
<walter> mchua: greg?
<dirakx> so we need something like ambassadors guidelines
<gregdek> The simpler, the better.
<mchua> I'll offer myself up as a test case, if it's useful. I'm a random Sugar Labs fan. I'm going to... hopefully, anyway - be at LCA.
 (I think.)
<gregdek> When does LCA start?
<mchua> Who do I talk to about this, how do I find out that I can help / tell someone "dude, I'm going to LCA and think SL rocks," what do I have the authority to do?
<walter> Mid Jan/.
<mchua> gregdek: Last week of Jan, iirc.
<mchua> 19-24 jan.
<walter> I'll be at LCA too...
<gregdek> jt4sugar: Still around?
<mchua> walter: How do I find that out? ;)
<walter> I presume Jim will be...
 mchua: good question.
<mchua> Assuming that I'm... not at this meeting, I mean. Most of our Ambassadors probably won't be.
<jt4sugar> Posters, handouts-direct to site, Sugar in action
<mchua> (...and most of our Ambassadors won't have been talking with Pia Waugh beforehand, etc.)
<gregdek> So.
 Seems to me...
 ...that our Aussie/NZ crowd could all be converted to ambassadors pretty much on the spot.
 Anyone who's doing work on Sugar is likely going to want to take opportunities to talk about their work.
<mchua> +1 to that, but what are ambassadors?
<walter> we just missed
<mchua> how do they become ambassadors, what do they do, what do they have responsibility for?
<walter> sorry: bad fingers again
 we just missed the open source day in India...
<mchua> oh, we didn't miss SCALE completely.
 "Until December 31st, 2008, we are accepting proposals for the Women in Open Source mini conference, which will be taking place on Friday the 20th of February prior to SCALE."
 We just need to find a female to get down there. ;)
<walter> I think that adding an event discussion to the agenda would be in order.
 I think Kim Rose went last year
<dirakx> web4dev is an important event someone should go ..if possible.
<gregdek> mchua: we could just retrofit the ambassador concept from Fedora.  The goal is "to spread the love about Fedora".  s/Fedora/Sugar and I think it still fits.
 Ambassadors were created in Fedora specifically for events.
<walter> can some one "own" this topic for next week?
<-- walter has quit (" ajax IRC Client")
<gregdek> I will.
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<gregdek> I will take the Ambassador question.
<walter> that was all I had to say on the topic for the moment...
 We could second the adjournment motion again...
* mchua seconds
<gregdek> LOLO
 BANG!  Adjourned For Reals!
 Next meeting: Tuesday the 6th.
 Since next Tuesday I'll be in New Orleans.