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File:Grade04MathPacingGuide Aug 2008.pdf

Instructional Block 1

Reads, writes, and identifies whole numbers

Compares and orders whole numbers

Knows the value of a given digit

Instructional Block 2

Knows the inverse relationship of multiplication and division

Explains and demonstrates the multiplication and division of whole numbers

Knows the properties of numbers

Knows factors and multiples of numbers to 100

Instructional Block 3

Knows the purpose of different parts of a graph

Instructional Blocks 4 & 5

Knows measurement concepts

Instructional Block 6

Solves real-world multiplication problems

Solves real-world division problems

Instructional Block 7

Geometric Figures

Symmetry, congruency, and reflections in geometric figures

Instructional Block 8

Creates numerical and geometric patterns using a variety of models

Instructional Block 9

Knows how to estimate the area and perimeter of regular and irregular polygons

Instructional Block 10

Reads, writes, and identifies fractions and mixed numbers

Instructional Block 11


Instructional Block 19

Designs survey to collect data

Instructional Block 35