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Some references about Sugar and Encore's Mobilis:

     Weighs: 750 grams or 1.6 pounds
     7.4 inch VGA LCD screen
     Roll-up keyboard
     Touch Screen with stylus
     Six Hour Battery
     128MB of SDRAM

Price: Basic Mobilis Model will be priced at 10,000 rupees ($230)


I am glad Walter Bender has seen the light and moved on to Sugar Labs where he will continue with the constructionist learning philosophy.

Since Sugar is open-sourced, we would love to put it on our own hardware, the Encore Mobilis which I designed and built with a small dedicated team of engineers at Bangalore, India. We are justifiably proud of our own product but also appreciate the good features, like Sugar, in competing products. I am glad we will now be in a position to offer Sugar on the Mobilis, should we decide to, and provide our users more choice.

Good luck, Walter, and keep the open-source flag flying!! Freedom of choice is important for all of us. Let a thousand flowers bloom.


Be sure to watch out the slideshow linked in

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