One tester's attempt at installing SoaS

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  2. started download of iso around 0800
  3. collected USB
  4. read on how to format USB on ubuntu
  5. formatted 4gig USB
  6. 0837 download complete
  7. 0839 Confirming a proper download
  8. 0842 confirmed
  9. 0845 reread instructions went here and discovered that apparently I have downloaded wrong file!!! :( I need an .img file instead?
  10. 0850 go to irc...
  11. 0854 suggested I go here:
I've already done this Download the SoaS iso image from so now to install these three packages: syslinux, isomd5sum, and cryptsetup
sdziallas> dgd: the wiki is a mess right now.

<sdziallas> dgd: <sdziallas> dgd: those are the *official* (blink blink!) instructions for strawberry. let me see what else is in the wiki. <sdziallas> dgd: and those are the instructions this is based on: <satellit_> dgd: <satellit_> you can dl usb .img or do your own <sdziallas> dgd: the latest snapshots appear here: (however, those may be horribly broken - noting that again)

  1. 0900 install these three packages: syslinux, isomd5sum, and cryptsetup
  2. 0905 Download this script:
  3. 0916 script fails
  4. 0929 still not working my history

189 sudo /home/user/Desktop/./

  191  gedit<<<<<<<< it's there 
 192  sudo /home/user/Desktop// 
 193  sudo /home/user/Desktop/ 

On the phone

  1. 0951
  2. 0953 script fails repeatedly

189 sudo /home/user/Desktop/./ <<fails/not found

 190  ls<<<it's on the desktop
 191  gedit <<<the file is there
 192  sudo /home/user/Desktop// <<fails/not found
 193  sudo /home/user/Desktop/ <<fails/not found
  1. 1001 approximately 90 minutes later (minus phone and video upload config etc.) aborting install