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Oversight Board Meeting Minutes 2008-08-01

Oversight Board/2008/Log-2008-08-01
walter, marcopg, bemasc, cjb, erikos, mtd, unmadindu, dirakx


  • Review minutes from last meeting
Approved the minutes from the 18 July 2008 meeting
Walter reported on some outstanding business from the last meeting:
  • infrastructure status: Solarsail is running and services are being migrated over; Walter is trying to find a second server for additional services;
  • conservancy status: Karen will provide feedback regarding the agreement the week of 4 August;
  • board election: Walter confirmed that http://selectricity.org will be adequate for our needs.
  • Set next meeting date
Early September
  • Set date for election
    • Solicit candidates for election
We discussed the election in more detail and agreed to hold an open nomination period until 16 August 2008 and an election from 17 August to 30 August 2008. Walter agreed to announce this to the Sugar Labs initial members list.

Infrastructure status

  • Hardware
  • Hosting
  • etc.
Much of the remainder of the meeting was in regard to the relationship between the engineering needs of OLPC and the long-term goals and the relationship to the learning community:
  • we applauded the efforts to reach out to the Fedora, Debian, and Ubuntu communities and agreed that supporting these efforts will be instrumental in our ability to reach a broader user community;
  • we acknowledged the efforts to date and agreed there is a need for more focus on tools for "trying" Sugar, e.g., LiveCD, LiveUSB, etc.;
  • we bemoaned the fact that it has been difficult to find additional engineering resources for Sugar—a priority;
  • we discussed some of the subsystems that are in need of attention: collaboration and datastore and agreed, in the case of the latter, to reach out to the GNOME community for help.