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Oversight Board Meeting Minutes 2009-02-02

Oversight Board/2009/Log-2009-02-02
walter, tomeu, bernie, erikos, caroline, marcopg, gregdek, ChristophD, edmcnierney, dirakx, befana, shenki, aa, neuralis, unmadindu, cwhii, eric_the_sad, hpachas-PE,


1. What we want to ask of OLPC going forward?
We agreed that we would ask for (a) funding to hire a contractor to solve the collaboration crash issues in Write; a server (for builds and possibly Pootle and/or RT); and a volunteer coordinator position; and (b) clarity around how we engage with the support gang around RT and trac. (Walter agreed to write a coordinated, coherent proposal.)
2. The slobs email controversy and community relations in general
we agreed to have someone appointed to monitor the Slobs list to make sure that there is transparency to the community. (Walter volunteered Michael Stone to fill this role.)
3. We discussed the upcoming FOSDEM conference
with the goal of making sure we get coverage of all the various opportunities that may present themselves. There will be a Sugar on a Stick station at the Fedora booth. We also have a code-sprint with the Gnash team to be scheduled. Meetings with various distro and hardware manufacturers, etc.
4. Finances
We agreed to present a budget at the next meeting. (Walter volunteered dfarning to put it together.)
5. Status of the new release
Erikos needs more testing and feedback. Walter put together the stub of a new page for Activity developers to help them through the process of maintaining cross-platform compatibility.

The next meeting will be in one week, 13 February 2009.