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<walterbender> any slob members around?
<llaske> Hi Walter
* perrie (~perriefid@ has joined
<walterbender> just two of us so far...
* ibiam (~myirc@ has joined
<walterbender> not sure if we will have a quorum today but we can get started nonetheless
<walterbender> the meeting bot is not working... but...
<walterbender> #start-meeting
<walterbender> Welcome everyone
<ibiam> Hi walterbender
<llaske> Hi ibiam
<ibiam> Hi llaske
<walterbender> An aside: My 5-yr-old grandson just made his first entirely independent Turtle Blocks project :)
<llaske> :-)
<perrie> Hi
<walterbender> His name is Ted and he talk the turtle to make a T
<ibiam> Great
<perrie> Awesome 😎
<walterbender> Figured it out on his own.
<walterbender> He has been doing some Music blocks with me... we are transcribing the Pokeman song :)
<walterbender> #topic GSoC wrapup
<walterbender> We had 12 interns this summer. 11 passed.
<walterbender> We had some nice results on Sugarizer, Music Blocks, Python 3, GTK-3 ports, etc.
<llaske> Oh didn't know one miss
<llaske> I've integrated work from Mankirat and Aman in Sugarizer
<walterbender> Lack of serious effort
<walterbender> I haven't merged the MB work yet, only because we have so many other things changing right now.
<walterbender> Lots of UX clean up and simplification
<ibiam> llaske, that's great
<llaske> I think we should measure integration of works each year. It was a question in the form sent by Google
<Ifeanyi_> Good evening all.
<walterbender> The GDK3 work has landed
<walterbender> and the Python3 work is near completion
<Ifeanyi_> *Sorry, Hi all (timezones)
<walterbender> llaske, I think we have a pretty good record there
<ibiam> Activity release is ongoonb
<ibiam> *on going
<llaske> Sure but it's always good to have an objective view of it
<walterbender> sure
<perrie>  Yeah
<walterbender> In general, we need to be more disciplined with mentoring. It was very uneven
<ibiam> walterbender, agreed
<walterbender> A few other notes re GSoC
<llaske> Some project had no technical mentor, it's a mistake for GSoC
<walterbender> We have three reps going to the Mentor Summit next month. One traveling from India, two from the Stats.
<walterbender> so the budget from Google should suffice.
<llaske> Good. Is Jaskirat Visa validated ?
<walterbender> Yes
<llaske> Nice
<ibiam> Great
<walterbender> As always these things are a bit complicated for some reason.
<walterbender> but we managed.
<llaske> Current US administration don't help...
<walterbender> No comment.
<walterbender> I need to focus on the positive
<ibiam> +1
<walterbender> speaking of positive,...
<walterbender> #topic GCI
<walterbender> Seems we have interest in enough developers to apply for GCI again
<walterbender> I will ask via email for SLOB approval
<llaske> Yes but as James said, we need to be vigilant regarding mentors selection
<walterbender> Agreed.
<Ifeanyi_> I think we do have enough GCI developers willing to participate
<ibiam> Agreed
<walterbender> We have a broader set of topics for GCi
<walterbender> perrie, for example, can help with the design tasks
<llaske> Interesting
<walterbender> but we need to ensure mentors for each task (not just walter)
<walterbender> no mentor, no task
<walterbender> I will be very strict this year
<llaske> okay, I thought it was the case last year
<ibiam> +1
<walterbender> It was, but often the mentor was not around
<walterbender> We did have some very responsive mentors on some off-topic tasks as well.
* Pro-Panda (2a6befb2@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined
<walterbender> the node,js tasks were popular and well mentored, but we never made a good connection to Sugar
<walterbender> I thought it would lead to some connections with MB and/or Sugarizer, but it never did
<llaske> yes, sure. On my side, this year I've got the Sugarizer Tutorial that could be a good introduction
<walterbender> We need to make sure beginner tasks lead somewhere
<walterbender> I have a long list of things needing to be done for the Japan deployment
<llaske> Okay, I've got lot of bugs on Sugarizer too
<Pro-Panda> There can be plenty of beginners tasks in sugar activities
<Ifeanyi_> +1 walterbender. The beginner tasks last time was just on nehtral basics, more like a hit and run thing
<walterbender> Anyway, with SLOB approval, i will move forward on our application.
<llaske> We'll do a review of task before starting to ensure that
<llaske> Cool
<walterbender> Note that everything is beginning in October this year, not November...
<walterbender> We need to move quickly.
<perrie> +1
<ibiam> llaske, every task is only published once the admin approves it
<llaske> Okay I see.
<llaske> It's better to begin in October to avoid working during Christmas :-)
<perrie> 😂
<walterbender> #action Walter to ask for SLOB approval for applying to GCI via email
<Ifeanyi_> Can we also have more admins to hasten things up in terms of tasks approval.
<walterbender> #topic design team meeting
<Pro-Panda> I'd like to volunteer as a co-admin if there is space
<walterbender> We have a lot of interesting design proposals in the wind.
<Ifeanyi_> Design team! Had this at the back of my mind for a very long time
<walterbender> Pro-Panda, I thjnk we have covered, but I would love your participation as a mentor
<llaske> Where can we see it ?
<walterbender> there are several kicking around... one from last year's Gci regarding colored icons
<walterbender> one more recent for perrie 
<Pro-Panda> walterbender: sure
<walterbender> I asked perrie if she'd organize a design meeting sooner than later
<walterbender> it may inspire some GCI tasks as well
<perrie> Yes
<walterbender> This is just a heads up that we'll be scheduling a meeting soon
<Ifeanyi_> Before the meeting, a call for expression of interest might also help in boosting the attendance because they are inactive member on the design team list right now
<walterbender> #action perrie to schedule a design team meeting and invite #sugar-devel
<walterbender> that is it for me for topics.
<walterbender> Anyone else?
<llaske> Not on my side
<Pro-Panda> Nothing from me
<samsongoddy> Hello
<Ifeanyi_> Nothing from my end.
<Ifeanyi_> Hi @samsongoddy
<walterbender> ok. I guess we are done
<walterbender> #end-meeting
<walterbender> thanks everyone
<llaske> How to publish log on the site without bots ?
<walterbender> I'll cut and paste into the wiki.