Oversight Board/2010/Meeting Minutes-2010-03-26

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In attendance:

SLOB members: walter, tomeu, mchua, seandaley, canoeberry, cjb

Some community members (including sdz) attended the meeting.


  1. Sugar on a Stick
  2. Trademark policy
  3. Sustainability

Sugar on a Stick

We discussed the implications of the decision to make a Fedora "spin" for Mirabelle.


We deferred the discussion to the face-to-face meeting.

Action: mchua will organize the voice meeting to discuss TM prior to the April face-to-face meeting.


We discussed various issues regarding long-term sustainability and informally agreed we need to raise awareness and support for a distributed model.

Action: Marketing will discuss with .py a PR plan to highlight their local-lab efforts.

Next meeting

Monday, 12 April 2010 23:00 UTC (Note: This will be a dinner meeting in Cambridge, MA.)


Meeting Log