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Rahul Bothra


I work as a full time Software Engineer, working on products enabling enterprise cloud services. I try to volunteer my time for Sugar Labs, although I haven't been much active recently. I originally started working with Sugar Labs as a Student Developer with the GSoC program.


I perceive Sugar Labs' mission as part of a larger cause I'm inclined towards - to make learning tools more accessible to everyone. I'm happy that the tools we build serve this purpose, although our recent work on Sugar is not improving lives, if at all reaching its users.




The goals are borrowed and edited from what James Cameron suggested in his agenda for SLOB elections in 2018. I intend to abide by these,

  • we will continue to maintain Sugar and the activities,
  • we will forego or remove any unused mailing lists, committees, boards or offices, in order to improve our collaboration,
  • we will reduce the resources spent on other software such as web site, social media, or infrastructure for developers, as these are either mostly static or provided for free by others,
  • we will require new members to have made a non-trivial and accepted contribution to the Software,


Email: rrbothra [at] gmail [dot] com