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About Me

My name is Samson Goddy, a Sugar Labs member since 2011 as a volunteer but officially 2013. I have been part of Sugar Labs due to my effort with the One Laptop Per Child, growing up with Sugar Desktop was something I am always proud of. Sugar has always been special to me because it was the first desktop environment I used as a kid, and growing up with Sugar gave me a unique view of computational thinking.

I serve the community in many ways from contributing codes, helping to maintain membership committee, advocacy, and, of course, being part of the board since 2017. I will continue doing that, with or without the board membership


My vision is to make sure Sugar is usable, marketable, and deployable; I have been deploying Sugar to schools around Africa. Helped talk to School administrators about adopting Sugar.

Sugar Labs should be doing a lot around Outreach, I know we have great tools to share with the world, so I plan to continue my effort if elected to continue showing Sugar to new users. Without Outreach, we cannot justify new users, and most of the work will be in vain.

Part of my 2020 goal is to make sure we have standard marketing materials from a great website, to great tools (Sugar and activities) and great entry point for new members and users to come in. I know there is some technical demands, but the idea is to form a community educators with Sugar as a core.


I have always tried my possible best to attend meetings, and I will continue to make it much better.