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Hi, I am Jui (JuiP)

I am a volunteer contributor and a maintainer for sugar activities. I was a GSoC 2020 student. I strongly believe in Sugar Labs Mission and am open to discussion about different things we could implement or work on. Contributing to sugarlabs has definitely changed the way I approach unfamiliar issues or developer block, and I am here to help new contributors find their way around.

My contributions

  • Code contributions: link
  • Work in Progress: link

Issues to be addressed

  • Lack of proper documentation for the set of activities. Sugar activities are scattered, not all are on GitHub. While the activities on GitHub are updated and maintained others might not be as frequently updated.
  • There are few Sugar activities that are very similar; in my opinion, one activity can be a feature extension of the other. (Example Portfolio Activity and Bulletin Board) If in some way we could combine such activities or add the additional functionality to one activity, it can help update and maintain. Clubbing similar activities would help greatly; changes to one activity can be applied to another. I have a list of Honey Activity set and their state, last updated in March 2020.
  • Help in planning a program, similar to GCI. Important issues that need to be addressed according to me are: Global outreach and deciding student prizes or perks as payments can be an issue if the students( I assume will be under 18) belong to different countries with different regulations on receiving money.
  • We have no clear plan for organized collaboration. Tasks that are larger than one person are being delayed or given in hope to Google Summer of Code students. However, the recent change in GSoC 2021 program (175-hour projects instead of the previous 350 hr projects) can adversely affect the progress and activity maintenance. We could also consider participating in other open-source programs.
  • We are failing in attracting new consistent developers despite being a popular organization in the Google programs. There are very few active contributors (at least for Sugar and its activities) and I haven't seen much activity in the past month.


  • Look out that the issues mentioned above are addressed.
  • Discuss and have a clear objective for the next 2 years in each domain of code, outreach, design and content. Start towards the implementation of those goals according to priority.
  • Help in transitioning Sugar Labs to self-governance, to the best of my abilities.
  • Help decide student projects, ensuring that progress is not stalled.
  • Continue contributing and maintaining Sugar and it’s activities.
  • Attend SLOB meetings regularly.
  • Ensure that any discussions are done in open and code contributions are reviewed or merged at the earliest.