Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2012-01-03

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In attendance:

SLOB members: walterbender, cjb, alsroot, cjl

Community members including: bkuhn (Bradley Kuhn --SFC), keynote2k (Tony Sebro --SFC), manuq (Manuel Quiñones), JT4sugar (John Tierney)


  1. Board positions
  2. SomosAZUCAR letter
  3. Local labs
  4. sugarlabs.org
  5. misc

Board positions

  • Bert Freudenberg agreed to continue in the role of Ombudsman
  • Robert Fadel has agreed to be our new Finance coordinator


  • Walter sent a letter in regards to our friends in Peru

Local Labs

  • "Still doing research and benchmarking"


  • We will make a push to get content for fleshing out the new design


  • Request to reimburse an expense incurred for establishing our relationship with Slipstream in 2011
  • ACK the great progress that erikos, manuq, gonzalo, dsd, et al. are making on 0.96