Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2013-01-07

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In attendance:

SLOB members: walterbender, Claudia Urrea, Daniel Francis, Gerald Ardito

Community members including: Tony Forster and John Tierney


  1. Introduction of the new board
  2. Finances
  3. Discussion of ideas for 2013
  4. Odds and ends

Introduction of the new board

We thanked Chris, Sebastian, and Aleksey for their numerous contributions to Sugar and the Sugar oversight board. We also thanked Luke for once again running the election.


Robert Fadel created a summary (included below) of our 2012 financial position. Software Freedom Conservancy noted after the meeting that these financial detials are an unaudited draft financial document for CY 2012, and that Conservancy's FY is from Feb-March, which doesn't match the calendar year.

Profit & Loss For Period Covering 01/01/12 to 12/31/12
Income $0.00
Donations $151.00
Individual $0.00
Interest Income $0.00
Dividend $3.45
Total Income $154.45
Expenses $0.00
Bank Service Charge $25.00
PayPal $5.22
Computer $4,699.29
Conferences $0.00
GUADEC $2,130.24
Hosting $12.50
Total Expenses $6,872.25
Net Loss for Period $6,717.80

Balance Sheet 12/31/12
Assets $0.00
Current Assets $0.00
Cash in Wallet $0.00
Google Checkout $7,249.30
PayPal $-682.82
Checking Account $-15,521.27
Savings Account $0.00
Vanguard General $7,777.53
Vanguard Money Market $21,147.33
Gandi Prepaid Account $-12.50
Retained Earnings $0.00
Account Receivable $0.00
Imbalance-USD $0.00
Orphan-USD $0.00
Total Assets $19,957.57
Liabilities $0.00
Credit Card $0.00
AMEX $6,829.53
Accrued Accounts Payable $0.00
Total Liabilities $6,829.53
Equity $0.00
Opening Balances $0.00
Retained Earnings $13,128.04
Total Equity $13,128.04
Total Liabilities and Equity $19,957.57

Discussion of ideas for 2013

  • a global Sugar meeting for 2013
  • more Sugar Camps (with some travel subsidies for developers and teachers and children)
we are going to have a Sugar Camp early next month in the Bay Area... it will be small and focused... I think on cloud integration, but the theme is not completely firm
  • promoting Sugar with educators...
  • online chats to build community with teachers...
ClaudiaU: we can ask our educators in countries to invite at least one teacher....
GeraldA: I can invite some teachers as well.
  • take advantage of the wealth of Sugar hackers in .UY to start a bottom-up shake up of the use of computers in the schools
if each hacker identified a couple of willing teachers, we could make a lot happen
  • Turtle Art Day
sdanielf: just an idea, let's follow a Turtle Art Day from all the countries
ClaudiaU: I think TA would be one way to have fun.... 1) thinking about how to support (materials, online chat, local workshops, etc) and 2) how to show everyone's work...
  • In May, we will be releasing Sugar 1.0; some event around that release?
  • Evangelize about the Sugar evaluation tools

Actions: ClaudiaU agreed to share Making Learning Visible with SLOB members (and Tonyf and JT4Sugar)

Odds and ends

  1. We have a private mailing list for slobs but the convention is to CC iaep unless there is a reason for privacy... it is more a convenience and archive than back channel
  2. All the meeting notes are logged in the wiki (as well as in the meeting logger)
  3. There is a Fiscal Agreement all SLOB members need to file with the SFC
  4. We tend to meet both on a regular schedule and on demand... but early in the year, it is good to meet more often
  5. Please do not be shy about bringing up topics, asking questions, challenging assumptions and the status quo