Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2013-10-18

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Attending: Daniel Francis, Walter Bender, Claudia Urrea, Gonzao Odiard

For the first time ever, four members of the Sugar Labs oversight board managed to be physically in the same place at the same time. Daniel Francis, Gonzalo, Claudia, and I met at a coffee shop in Montevideo and had a chance to discuss a number of topics:

  1. We agreed that we would apply again to Google Code In. It is imperative that the community come up with challenges for the contest. We'd like to focus more on bug-fixing tasks this year. I'll be preparing the 2013 pages in the next day or two.
  2. We discussed the need to have more regular meetings (with preset agendas). I'll be soliciting preferred times for a monthly meeting, beginning in November.
  3. We need to hold an election for four positions on the oversight board. Claudia, Daniel, and Gonzalo are continuing. The terms for Adam, Gerald, Chris and I are all expiring. Details to be posted shortly.
  4. We discussed the need to amplify direct communication with Sugar deployments. We'll try to organize regular IRC meetings with technical and learning representatives from deployments.
  5. We discussed the possibility of establishing local "ambassadors" to deployments to also increase communication.
  6. We also want to hold brainstorming sessions on some specific topics, e.g., accessibility.h