Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2014-01-06

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In attendance:

SLOB members: walterbender, Adam Holt, Daniel Francis, Claudia Urrea, Gonzalo Odiard, Jose Miguel Garcia

Community members: taweili, bernie, dnarvaez, Ignacio, and others.


  1. welcome
  2. tech/learning meetups
  3. Google Code In
  4. hardware


  • We welcomed Jose Miguel, our newest board member, welcomed back the rest of the board, and thanked Gerald for his contributions.

tech/learning meetups

  • Claudia is soliciting contacts of people interested in attending the first meeting in a date in February.

Google Code In

  • Status update: > 180 projects completed
  • Walter soliciting feedback to help him choose among the finalist: Ignacio Rodríguez, Jorge Gómez, Sai Vineet, Emil Dudev, SAMdroid

Hardware opportunities

  • David led us in a discussion of some leads re hardware partnerships. He and Walter will prepare a draft letter of invitation for hardware vendors to work with Sugar Labs (to be reviewed by the SFC and SLOB)